Papa Murphy's | Take 'N' Bake Pizza

6940 W State St, Boise
(208) 853-8882

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Laura at the state street location was very helpful and kind. Will definitely be coming back to this location in the future!


I have been ordering from this store for a long time, when I have ordered early I have had no problems, but when I have ordered later the staff are not happy at all I understand they want to go home but it is there job I have even gone to a different store because of the attitude of the staff at this location.

Jonathon Silver

Great place to get a pizza I like the fact that it's close to my house and it only takes them a couple of minutes to put a pizza together for me which always tastes delicious in the salads are always fresh keep up the great job

Jordan Richesin

I just wanted to say that I was having a rough day and wasn't able to speak well, and Brett was ABLE to help me figure out exactly what I wanted. Now I know that's not his job to help me pick what I'd like to eat for dinner, but Dang was the Tuscany Chicken ? fire! It transitioned from a mediocre day into a great night with tasy pizza! Much appreciation

Royal Blue

Once again, I order a pizza from here and it's wrong. If you order from here check it before you leave.

Kelli Cooksey

Even when they are busy they work fast. Always delicious! Chicken bacon artichoke pizza is amazing! I do hope that one day they will add shrimp to their menu.

Steve Griggs

I told beau when I was ready to order 5-6 times before he helped me. After the first time I told him I was ready he made a joke about taco bell, then carried on to start making cheesy breads, after that I told him again so he proceeded to make labels for the cheesy bread and cinnamon wheels. So i told him again so then he started making the cinnamon wheels, after that I told him again. He went into the back and into the walking to grab the marinara and the cream cheese and proceeded to carry on wrapping the cheesy bread and cinnamon wheels. Once again I told him the he went and grabbed a wreck to place them on and finished doing that, I told him yet again before I was helped. Sometime within his doing all of that I even grabbed a salad and placed it onto the counter. By the time I managed to get my food it had already been like 20-30 minutes and a door dash personnel even came and left. Again that was beau but besides that food is awesome

Sarah Marsh

They have gotten really expensive as of late and I'm fairly disappointed. They still have great pizza but it's a little bit costly. They have great deals on Tuesdays and sometimes they have some really good deals but it's gotten to the point where you almost have to wait for a deal in order to get pizza there.

Theresa Kern

Crista the Manger here is AMAZING!!!! She was so helpful in replacing my order even though a different location messed it up... Such a caring lady ♥️ You can tell she LOVES her job!! This has always been my favorite location ? Thank you Crista ? I really Appreciate you ❤ ???????

Megan Little

Delish pizza and great customer service in my experience. Most recently, I customized my pizza, and when I got home realized it wasn’t correct. We called and they remade right away. Krista also called me to explain what had happened, which was actually a customization mistake on my end. They were so great about it, just wanting to let me know for future reference. Really appreciate it!!

Heidi Morel

I like the food, but service is as important to me as the quality of the food they serve. My service experience in this store was not a good one. The story: due to a family member's allergy, I requested that mushrooms be left off the pizza. It was even printed on the receipt "NO MUSHROOMS". Not only was the pizza made with mushrooms, but when I explained why I said no mushrooms and requested, politely mind you, that the pizza be made afresh, I got glares, exaggeratedly sagging shoulders, head rolls and eye rolls. Then the worker proceeded to ignore me and assisted another customer for five minutes before telling another worker that I needed my pizza remade. I know that working in food service can be difficult, and sometimes a customers' request can make it a little more so, but the reaction and actions of the employee was highly uncalled for and I will NOT be returning.

Melissa Mitschke

Great service. Yummy food

Gary F.

Have been getting pizza here for the past year and yesterday was the 3rd time in 6 months that when I arrive I am told they gave my pizza to someone else. Going somewhere else now.

Brandon Crowe

Mae were treated very poorly. We went through the drive through and were told to come inside. When we went inside to get our pizza and pay for it, I saw there was a discount available and we asked if we can do the online discount. We were told no then we had to wait outside for our pizza. When the gal brought it out she asked what we ordered. When we said out order she shoved the pizza through the window and walked away without saying anything. The pizza was also badly wrapped! Won’t be back to this location that’s for sure.

Lacey U.

Quite disorganized when they are closing... fine any other time, but try to avoid closing time if you're hungry before 9pm. I chose a bit after 8 and they were pushing food that was about to be un-sellable. Fine with me, I dont mind that. There was one person in front of me, and once I ordered, they made the previous customers pizza, and then made 4 of their own pizzas, and then the customer behind me' pizza, before finally realizing I was still in the lobby and my pizza hadn't been made. Then they panicked and scrambled to make the crust, find the utensils, and make a "we just got slammed" excuse. Awkward.... I've been watching the whole time. I got a pizza in the end, and I absolutely would return again. No customer loss because of this. Just pick a different time...

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Papa Murphy's | Take 'N' Bake Pizza

6940 W State St, Boise, ID 83714
(208) 853-8882