Reel Foods Fish Market

1118 S Vista Ave, Boise
(208) 713-8850

Recent Reviews

Hailey Mullen

I’d come back for the staff alone, literally the best experience I’ve ever had at any location. I brought my 3 year old abs Cullen treated us like the most important people he ever met. He was patient & kind abs also clearly very excited about all they offered! We had the best sushi grade salmon and tuna I may have ever purchased.The store is clean, the offerings are plentiful and like I said already the staff is exceptional.


Amazing service ! Marcus is so knowledgeable and willing to serve his customers ~ everyone seems to know him by name. Fresh oysters flown in were such a hit for dinner for my brother and sister! Definitely recommend Reel Foods for their service and quality. Great team ! Thank you!

Davis Hague

Flavorful sushi-grade fish at an amazing value. Super friendly staff that know tons about fish prep and sourcing.

Tracie T.

This place is great it's clean you can't smell fish when you walk inside which means the fish are fresh they look lovely the people there are super friendly and really helpful however they no longer serve prepared food so just FYI it's not a place to go to dine but to buy fish? Absolutely. .

Brenda Walther

Excellent selection -fresh and top notch. Friendly service too.

Stephanie Ballis

Reel Foods is as good as it gets if you want fresh, delicious seafood and fish. The owner goes above and beyond for his customers and was so accommodating and kind to our son as we loaded up our live crawfish

joe blow ricky

Killer selection of fish owner is knowledgeable nice all around good guy fish is fresh good quality ?will be getting alot of my protein from here .... lots of sushi grade fish and even has Escolar the butter fish one of my favorites.

Dan Galloway

Best seafood. TX

Glenn Stump

Unquestionably the best place to buy fish in Boise.

Jerry H.

This is a fantastic spot for top of the line fresh seafood. He has several types of sushi grade fish, live cold water oysters from both the Pacific Northwest and Mid-Atlantic areas, all looking very fresh and high quality. Being from Florida, I am a seafood guy and this place is first class! Like the Terminator, I'll be back.

Tanya Taylor

The king crab legs where amazing and soo fresh!

Molly Dovner

-Fresh seafood, Fair prices, Honest fishmonger-Some of the seafood sold here cannot be found anywhere else in Boise: Ora King Salmon Tyee, Blue Fin Tuna, live Sea Urchins, wild Mexican Shrimp, and more!This place is a true Boise treasure!

Chad-andChristie Niblett

Amazing fish and great service. I love that I can make sushi at home for my family at a fraction of the cost of dining out. The salmon is so buttery and perfect for sashimi/sushi. Reel Foods passion for quality and customer service is unmatched in the Boise area. Keep it up all!

Kyle F.

Alwalys the freshest fish. Marcus always does his best to take care of the customers. Went yesterday to make sushi at home. It all turned out amazing thanks to his super fresh Ahi & salmon and crab. They never disappoint. Go straight here for the freshest sourced fish. I've traveled a lot across country & you'd be hard pressed to find a shop like this anywhere. Great job Marcus & team.

Dan D.

Finding a truly awesome fishmonger has always been a challenge as we move from place to place.

Actually did not expect to find an excellent one in Boise, Idaho, but here we are, at Reel Foods, and Chef Marcus. He is knowledgeable, friendly, orders the best items, tells you when they will be in, and tries to accommodate special orders.

He gets in exotics as well as the normal fish, gets whole fish, sushi grade fish, and tries to satisfy all tastes.

We are definitely regulars.

NOTE: They do not serve prepared food at this location. This location is a seafood market only - it is not an "oyster bar" or restaurant.

They do sell oysters, uncooked crab cakes, etc., but you take everything home, you don't get served food - although you can get Marcus to tell you how to prepare the food.

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