Yard House

3693 E Longwing Ln Suite #140, Meridian
(208) 288-0990

Recent Reviews

Olimpia Ramona

Amazing food and service !

Melissa Juarez

Amazing food and service Lots of food choices

Garrett E.

Amazing food and service every time we've been. We take out family/friends whenever they come into town.

Sgt Thurman

I always like going places that have options on the menu that I can fit into my keto diet. This place has 3 decent options. The service was great and we enjoyed watching the ducks on the patio.

Lon Bennett

Great food and an amazing beer selection. Staff does a great job!! Definitely a place my wife and I love to take friends who come to visit, the staff will not let you down..

Evan L.

I usually struggle finding something that sounds good on the menu, and the food is usually just okay. But the beer selection is usually fantastic and is the main reason I go here, lots of styles to choose from.

Juan Renteria

good service and the manager excellent person

Matt Trompke

I had the KUROBUTA PORK burger with some onion rings. It was VERY GOOD!Service seemed a little slow but it was very busy.Food was hot and the drinks cold.Will definitely be back!

Maddie B.

Yard House is a fun place to go for date night, and super conveniently placed for a night out being right next to the movie theater. I had the spicy chicken sandwich which was the best chicken sandwich I think I've ever eaten! It was very spicy though so don't order it if you're on the wimpier side haha. My husband ordered a burger that was pretty average, but good enough for the price. Our waitress was so kind & very quick especially considering how busy of a night they were having!

Chuck D.

Busy Friday night but the still managed to get our pastry of 12 seated realistically fast. The menu is amazing with a great assortment of food and lots of appetizers to choose from. Many local beers as well as a good assortment of popular beers. It was crowded but we were still able to hold a conversation without yelling and Bon our server was amazing. It's nice to find good service in a post pandemic world where lack of staffing has caused customer service to be a low priority.

Tammy P.

First time I went all was good, I have been back two more times rs and the service has been terrible. Last time I went my dork had dried food all over it, had to ask for another one. I asked for water with lemon, he brought me a glass of water, I asked again for lemon, I had to ask twice for salt and pepper. I ordered ranch dressing for my son, I had to ask again for the ranch. I had to ask for refills of water, my sons meal came with dessert...I had to ask for it. I had to ask for the check, I had to ask for him to pick up the credit card. I sound like a complainer, I am usually a patient person but come on!!! It was busy but not that busy.

Allison Gordon

Great night out at the Yard House. Although it was quite busy, we were seated 20 minutes early, with friendly and accommodating wait staff. Had the lobster garlic noodles, with a peppery and subtle seafood sauce. It's always hard to not get overcooked shrimp/lobster and this delivered delicate and delicious seafood. The thin crust pizza was devoured, with a nice zesty sauce. Standard fare, but executed well. The jambalaya was fantastic and that's from someone who's enjoyed this dish on the bayou. The most disappointing dish was the Mac and cheese, which was simply underseasoned. All of this was washed down with some excellent drinks, including some fun takes on the classic Moscow Mule. Not the cheapest night out, but if you've got a little extra to splurge, this is a great location.

Christi S.

I wish I could give 5 stars and may change my review next time. We had a group of 10 for late night happy hour and birthday celebration. Our waitress Lisa ended up taking a turn for the worse. She went from nice to rude and bossy very quick. She was scolding us for asking another waitress for something, arguing about how easy/hard the computer is to use and even rudely asked one of our friends how old she was to prove a point. It was very awkward and unacceptable. We ended up complaining to the manager who handled it very well and that's why I'm giving 3 stars, other wise I'd give one. I've never in my life been treated that way and hope she doesn't work there any longer.

Anjoli Rowe

I always visit Yard House when I am in the Boise area - every time. Their food is amazing (get the pork burger with blueberry ketchup - sounds weird, but it's SO good). Unique and delicious drinks. Plus their staff is PHENOMENAL - attentive, enthusiastic, always making great recommendations when you ask, and truly focused on great customer service. Worth the wait no matter how long, but join the waitlist online before you go if you're going in the evening!

Bekah C.

What a cool spot! Great drinks, good food, and super laid back atmosphere. Our group loved dining at Yard House! We went for cocktails and appetizers and ended up staying for Linner. We had a group of 8 (plus a toddler) and our waitress handled our group like a champ. She was very friendly, very quick, and took great care of us. Pro tip: Order the kids pizza! It's roughly the same size and quality of the adult-sized pizza for a fraction of the cost. We ordered both and noticed that the pepperoni & mushroom was almost the same size as the kids pepperoni. Our sweet potato fries didn't come with maple syrup, so that was a bummer. And then we asked for fry sauce and ketchup and got fry sauce and ranch...which was still delicious but not what we asked for. But everything else was pretty damn good! I'll definitely be stopping by Yard House again.

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