Domino's Pizza

1011 12th Ave S, Nampa
(208) 465-5555

Recent Reviews

gwen hillebrant

Refuse to follow directionsSupposed to be delivered within 2 minutes if ready and your arrival yeah 10+ minutes no free as was said to be in app they refuse to follow their own rules

Snow Maez

I used to love this location. Lately, this whole year, it's been nothing but errors. Had so many refunds processed, & food thrown away. Had food I was allergic to delivered to my face. Customer service lately is trash. Ask a question, they answer, then hang up without another word said. Special requests not done, food in quality check for an hour. My list goes on and on. I'm so disappointed, I use to love yall, and now i always question "what's going to be wrong this time?"I hope you hire better employees, ones that can talk on the phone properly & lose their attitude. People that can make food properly, none the less...

Cynthia Martinez

Really? Pay extra for jalapeños and barely get one on each piece of pizza.

Nanette C.

Dominoes is advertising free stuff so we ordered. Our order arrived but no free stuff. I asked the driver why and he said I haven't seen anyone get anything free. False advertising

Karen Hesse


Karen E. Hesse

Dominos, I suggest you check out your delivery drivers more thoroughly. Red car with California plates and a Dominos sign on top of it driving around Nampa at 5:00 Friday 9/3, pulling in front of traffic, slamming on his brakes, clearly didn't know where he was going or care if he caused any accidents. do you even check if your drivers are registered in Idaho?? I have the plate number if you care.

Dana Wiesner

Normally I happy with the quality, service, etc here but this time, absolutely not. I ordered a BBQ pizza. It came covered with bubbles, popped them off, so almost 1/2 the pizza was just crust.

Cheryl Holt

Pizza was burnt for the 2nd time. My parents didn't tell me the first time and it was a big order this last time. The young manager was unwilling to accommodate extra mozzarella even though I've been going their for years. And ordering to my house as well as bring it in for my associates when I would close my retail store. I will take my business to a different domino's that is more trained in customer service. Which should always come first! You are losing a valuable customer.

Cynthia Garza

Really? Pay extra for jalapeños and barely get one on each piece of pizza.

Dallas A.

Hours are a lie. Hours showed open until 1am for delivery, called to place an order and was stuck in menus without anything saying closed. Tried to place an order online, got through to the end but couldn't finalize the order.

Will Trevor

2 things. Contactless delivery. So why everytime I order CD the delivery driver knocks and stands there? It's like they want to test if you will open the door and sign and shake hands or something. Secondly...the delivery drivers shouldn't call me asking what my address is. It's literally in the order. The food is usually good but the delivery makes me second guess ordering from here.

Steven Price

Your nation wide promotion is lie don't buy into it, messed up a simple order

Candi Swope

I ordered a medoum pizza and it was full doughly and no sauce in it, I had to call again and they gave me another pizza it was too much sauce so I am mot going to order this again at all

Miranda Griffith

If I could give zero stars I would. First they told me 30-45 minutes for arrival. It took almost 2 hours. Second when I called to ask about my order the lady was rude and when I vented my frustration she hung up on me. Then the driver expected a tip after rudely shoving my pizza at me. Absolutely the worst service I’ve ever received from this location nonetheless this franchise. Extremely upset. To top it off the pizza was cold. Which was except red after waiting almost 2 hours.

Leia Pryce

Every time I have paid for a contactless delivery, they have knocked and made me sign. The food is always great, but I recently made an order and it has been “prepping” for over an hour now. Not even in the oven. Still waiting.

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