The Habit Burger Grill

16291 N Marketplace Blvd, Nampa
(208) 461-0844

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Kayla Flesch

Thoroughly disappointed again! I ordered 3 meals for my family’s dinner tonight. I drove to the pick up window and paid. I was informed a few minutes later that they were out of product and couldn’t fulfill my complete order. Maybe in the future have a system that can let you know how much product you have left. And maybe let your customers know before they pay. I was able to get a full refund. Not sure I’ll be back. The last time I tried here they refused to take my order. The food here is good, good luck getting it.

Elizabeth B.

Pretty basic burgers. Simple, reliable, nothing special. A friend recommend this place to me. I was a bit disappointed with the plain flavor of the fries and the blandness of the burger. I went back again and ordered mine with bacon-still too plain. Prices are a bit much considering the quality of the food. Would go back and maybe try something with more flavor, but only with friends.

Avocado Seed

This is easily my favorite burger place in the world the hamburger actually look like the pictures and the char burger is marvelous. The fries are amazing and not enough people go there it is definitely a hidden gem

John Kumpula

Growing up in California, it was always a treat to go to the Habit in Ventura. It seems they are now a franchise and do not care about the quality of their food. This place was hot garbage, I don’t even believe my “Char” burger was cooked over an open flame. I will avoid these chains but still go to the real deal when visiting California.

Daniel Gutierrez

Trying to order each item on the menu. So far i have enjoyed every item i have ordered. The Ahi burger is the best, but y there are more items i haven't tried yet.

Christina R. Drossel

polite service, delicious burger.

James L.

Excellent food and friendly, good service. I'd recommend this restaurant for any time for any reason. Try the tuna sandwich - Yum!

Maria McVay

The Ahi tuna was good...I would just recommend less sauce.


For what they charge I'm over this place. I really do enjoy the food. But they can't even give you a decent amount of fries. They used to. My order is wrong a lot. I received a super soggy order a month ago as well. Unfortunately it was door dash so who knows who's to blame there.

Mike Wallace

I ordered #1 it was greatWife ordered the asparagus salad got went to take a bite and no asparagus, took it back they brought some asparagus back and it was about 1/8 in diameter. Took a bite and you couldn't chew it because it was woody took it back and they gave me green beans which was good.

Tasha Fielding

So good, friendly employees, clean.

Tin Chavez

4 1/2 Stars, only cause the Tuna (which was ?) wasn't cooked to the right temp (medium). Still it was deliy, especially with the teriyaki sauce! 1st time ever ordering from here, and I got a #2 and a side order of the tuna. Both amazing!

Jamie G.

To be honest, we have only dined out at this location. This was our "Go-to" burger joint during COVID. I have not tried a great deal of things on the menu. I order the same thing, every time we eat here. It's not for lack of options, it's because the Santa Barbara Char is just SO DARN GOOD! This Burger/sandwich is served on perfectly toasted sourdough. It's a double meat burger with enough cheese between the patty that you can taste it, but it's not overpowering. there is also sliced avacado involved here. Not a gross pre-made guac. The avacado is the real deal, making it feel like you're getting a gourmet sandwich every time! The fries are also very good, however my favorite side dish has to be the deep fried green beans. I choose them every time. For awhile they offered a spicy option for the deep fried green beans, but they don't have them anymore. I sure do hope they come back. They were wonderful! The drive through line is sometimes long, the wait can also be a bit longer than your typical fast food place, but we have decided Habit Burger is worth the wait.

John Overstreet

Did a mobile order for a hamburger, salad, and grilled cheese with a shake. Arrived on time according to the app. Saw that the hamburger and grilled cheese were already sitting on a tray. Waited 15 minutes for my food. Then, waited another 15 minutes for the shake. I love the food when it's hot, but by the time I got home, everything was cold. A cold hamburger and fries suck.

Heather Rae Isaacson

Really delicious. Hot burger, cool, crisp veggies. Well cooked and well balanced. Milkshakes are very thick and creamy. Definitely returning!!

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