Jade Garden Restaurant

1514 Caldwell Blvd, Nampa
(208) 467-6611

Recent Reviews

Charlene Murphy

Enjoyed with family today. We all had the lunch buffet. Great food great experience. Friendly service. Will definitely go again.

Danielle Rocha

Best place ever my family has been going here forever


My wife and I have eaten here before. Then it was good. This time it was down right terrible. They have a nice large buffet, yet I suppose because we got there for dinner all that was left was semi tepid withered food swimming in old grease. The sushi was stale, the breaded prawns were just bread. Their Mongolian BBQ was the only thing hot, but once more, swimming in grease. Never again.

Matt M

While definitely an American Chinese restaurant the owners are amazing and could definitely make you something more authentic. This restaurant is a staple for family dinning with fantastic value and quality.

shane irish

I like the buffet and the staff are great. Food is alright but bland at times. Good for the buffet and price

Andrew Dahle

This was my first time here eating inside. You can order a meal, or get the buffet. The buffet is only $12.95 for an adult.The food was actually really good. The orange and fried rice was amazing. I know it's super basic, but it was perfect. The outside of the chicken was crispy, and the inside juicy.The sushi was decent with a small variety, but still impressive for part of a buffet.Drinks cost separate, but the refills are free. They have coke products.I'm glad I went and will definitely be back!

Lenora Hansen

The restaurant is clean and live the staff. They are a little short handed at the moment but they do their best to stay in top of everything. Their buffet is fabulous they even have gluten free items that my celiac soon can eat...

Kim Spagnolo

I love their egg rolls. The service was awesome. Food was so fresh and hot. Love the place

Don D.

U know I've had better but not bad at all. I was impressed with the service and they were constantly bring in fresh food for the buffet. I'd surely go back . Good Chinese food in Nampa & Caldwell is hard to find.

Mike Be

Absolutely delicious. Stopped in town to deliver a load. Decided to grab some dinner. Definitely not disappointed. A+

Andrew Henry

Very good buffet. Food tastes great, nice little dessert bar and service was very friendly. My family enjoyed the restaurant and what they had to offer. I recommend them if you want a Chinese food fix. 4/16/21

Debi G.

First time here no taste had the buffet Lo mein , wontons, rice, pepper steak, donuts, jello spring roll, how can you make food with no taste . The people with us said the same thing everything they eat no taste. Well we all won't be back here again . Not very good

Brittanie Mccommon

My family and I went around 1pm for lunch. Some of the food had not been replaced yet so items like the fried shrimp and egg rolls were dry. Other dishes were lovely. Our favorites were the teriyaki meatballs and the stir fried potatoes. The dining area was pretty empty with only two or three other families there. It was nice, pretty quiet, with minimal traffic noise despite being at an intersection. The price for three for the buffet was reasonable too, around 50, with drinks included. All in all, 4 out of 5.

Alicia Peterson

Hello,I am writing to inform the Managemnt & Ownership of Jade Garden Restaurant of Good News!On 3/16/2021 the SWDH Board Members discussed the removal of the Color Health Alert,and All Recommendations for this past year of 2020 to date.On 3/24/2021- the SW Health District Board Officially Voted unanimously to Remove All Recommendations which include:Masks for both Employees & Customers/General Public, Temperature Scans,Covid Signage and stickers posted on doors or inside Businesses,6ft Social Distancing and Limited seating, Shields on desks or counter tops. This applies to Emergency Health Managers,School Districts & Schools, Members of the General Public,All Businesses, and Event Planners. That's Right !Everything can come down and STOP.It Must be understood that to truly be Free exercising your Rights, it would mean being fully knowledgeable on what those Rights are, where they come from & where they Do Not.This notice is meant to be informative especially with those Businesses &/or people who may be concerned of impending pressure on them from the Health District,which if there was,is no longer. There is no one looking over your shoulder.By continuing these unecessary measures that not only are not enforceable, but violate the Rights of the Individual, this only perpetuates the agenda further keeping the people in a heightened level of Fear. A permanent suspension of Reality.There was Never a Mandate in Health District 3, nor is there now. It was merely a "Recommendation" that was abused &/or misused by Businesses, Schools and Medical Facilities as if it were Mandated.This was regretably acknowledged by the Health Board as they had well meaning intentions with unintended consequences. I encourage you to remove the Signs from your Doors and employees remove Masks from daily work day or at very least give employees the choice.Thank you,Your Faithful CustomerAlicia

Edwin S

Maybe everyone is talking about a different jade garden, but tonight was not good. The place is packed, they had a box of empty gloves, no one using masks going to the buffet. They were out of almost everything when we showed up. It took over a half hour for them to put out soft noodles. The waitresses don't know how refill water when they see your cup of empty, walk right by. But they all if we need water as we are getting up with the check in our hand. Pepper beef was not good, chow mien was bad. Egg roll was good asking with the sweet and sour pork. They have a big sign saying to wear your mask, no body is wearing it. All tables open and filled. First and last time going.

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