Jimmy John's

1471 N Happy Valley Rd, Nampa
(208) 465-5600

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Boffa Deeznutz

The JJ Gargantuan is the best sandwich around.

Dennis Brock

Almost 12.00 for a sandwich, soda, and chips is crazy. Pizza buffet cheaper, burger combo cheaper, just about anything less expensive. As far as quality. Ordered cheese on sandwich, no cheese,bread hard and dry. Little to no Mayo. I had to choke the sandwich down.

Tony T.

It's sandwiches you morons not gourmet french dining. When your too lazy to get off your rear to throw a hot pocket in microwave and hit start you call these guys. Sandwiches to you in 20 mins MIND BLOWN !!! So all you 1 and 2 star reviewers, Get lost. And if your from CA please feel free to GO BACK and take a bum from downtown little Seattle (Boise) with you!! His name is Robert Paulson

Toni Duquette

Not friendly at all!!!!!!! Sandwhich basically fell apart when I opened it. Was sopose to have avocado spread.... you had to search to find it let alone taste it. Stale bread. Not worth the price. Subway for us from now on. At least they are polite!

One Guy

Freaky slow during lunch time is the new motto here.

Debra Voss

I will never go back to this jimmy john's never agein that scroud up are order more than once that time and that have done it before. That were roud and the sandwiches had hardly any meet or anything. It was dry. If I could I would give them only a half a star

Elizabeth K.

Highly recommend jimmy johns #7 spicy East coast Italian unwich. It is so yummy and perfect if you're eating low carb or keto. So good! My hubby also loves it. The staff are always super nice everytime I go.

Tyler Simmons

This is the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. Don’t waste your time or money supporting this establishment. If I owned this franchise I would be changing management, but judging by the other reviews of this specific store, this is a fairly common problem. Go across the street to Firehouse Subs where they actually want your business and treat you like they value you coming to their establishment.

Sadie T.

This locations food is awesome and I am only commenting on the service. Today I ordered my food around 9:25pm, on the Jimmy John's App(which said the location was open). I ordered it and got a confirmation it was received and would be ready soon. I went over to pick up my order to see the place was obviously closed, but there were still people in there. I called them on the phone to ask if I would be refunded (it wasn't their fault the app didn't work so I wasn't too upset) but they didn't answer. I took my last resort and went up to the drive thru window to get their attention only to be completely ignored whether I knocked lightly on the window or tried to call again. I get not wanting to serve or talk after closing but I wasn't some Karen that wanted to make the employees life hard, I was just trying to sort out the situation. I waited and tried to get their attention but they would not even look at me. I didn't hear loud music so I'm sure they heard me and my calls. I finally got a cancellation notice on my phone but by then I felt disregarded and sad, like I didn't matter. I respect the people in the service industry ( been in it all my working career) because it's hard to deal with difficult customers but I just wanted to be acknowledged, not treated like I was. I wish I was able to sort this out but, again, they wouldn't even talk to me.

Dusten Bly

Came through at 9:30 was told to leave.

Rosaira & Thomas Crowley

Not so freaky fastHad to leave my sandwich behind after 15min wait so I wouldn't be late to work.No lunch for me today

Kameron Nicole

They only have provolone cheese and their lettuce is depressing. Make your own sandwich it will cost less and taste way better.

Chad Greene

For sandwiches that are supposed to be fast it sure took them a long time to get to me. Then when they did they just handed it off to the first person they saw in the parking lot with no call from the delivery driver at all. They actually had to ask who it was for! Chad and Becca are very different names and genders. Not professional and definitely didn't deserve any tip I gave them. No name of delivery driver on my receipt but it was delivered at 12:42 on 12/17/20, 30 minutes after I ordered it.

Jeremy Etherington

It amazes me that these guys can change their delivery route without any consideration to their customers. Guess I'll cross them off my list from now on. We are officially breaking up and done forever?. Good bye Jimmy Johns.

Carson Sandau

I’ve been to this location four times since taking my new job last month. This is the worst Jimmy Johns I have ever been to. Not only have they messed up my order all four times I’ve gone, and today was no different. Will not be returning. Take like 5 extra seconds and make sure the order is correct. It’s not difficult. And considering that I was the only person at the restaurant just now (Mon. Sept. 21 at 1:45), it shows your employees just don’t care.

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