JP Thailand Express

2025 12th Ave Rd, Nampa
(208) 475-4447

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Gare The Bear

Good Thai cuisine. I had Pad Pra Kao, or basil stir fry. Decent flavor, low spice level. Nice amount of rice.The wife unit had #9 for lunch, Pad Prik Pao. Same thing, decent taste and vegetables were a bit crispy just like mine, very good.We both used the fish sauce with peppers and seeds to spice up the rice. And likewise with the Thai red pepper chili paste for the entrees. Don't overdo the sauces if you don't like heat. Thai peppers are very hot compared to jalapenos, serranos and tabasco. They will make you sorry the next day, wanting ice cream toilet paper.I have eaten better meals here. It makes me wonder if the owner comes in anymore.

Derrick Bender

Plan ahead and you will never be disapointed. Have been enjoying the food here for 4 years and every time it exceeds expectations. It's worth the wait!

chris aguirre

I got the Pineapple rice and as usual it was amazing. Thai tea and mango sticky rice is a must!


This restaurant is ALWAYS busy--probably on account of their scrumptious dishes! I was saddened when our favorite Thai restaurant in Meridian lost their sushi chef and decided to try the food here after a friend recommended it. Everything is SUPER fresh, delicious, and beautiful to look at! They're a bit more spendy than your average Asian restaurant but the food you get is worth it!


Road tripped from Meridian to Nampa to try out this Thai restaurant as we were underwhelmed with prior Thai experiences elsewhere. Service was prompt and courteous. Started with Chicken Potstickers = a solid choice. The main entrees were Tofu Pad Thai and Chicken Pad Thai. Both of us agreed that we found a winner of a Thai restaurant. The #2 heat out of #5 was just right. We each polished off only 50% of our plate so we enjoyed leftovers the following day.

John T.

This place serves great food, problem is they know it and just open and close at will. I mean during hours they post on the door that they are open. No message on the machine when you you try to call in an order. Phone just rings and rings. Drive there and they're closed on a day they're supposed to be open.

Dean B.

Amazing flavor. This place will be a new staple for us . Highly recommended. The Drunken noodles and the red curry were exceptional!

Sarah P.

Always wonderful. Clean, friendly, delicious. The best Thai food in the Treasure Valley.

Brad Wegelin

I really want to give this place a chance. And I get that it's a popular place and gets busy, BUT... Don't post your hours until 9 PM if you tell me at 8:30 that you're no longer taking orders. This is the SECOND time this happened. What if I made a trip there and walked in at 8:30? Would you turn me away then, too? If you're as busy as you claim to be, the food must be really good. But I haven't even eaten here yet and I've ALREADY got a bad taste in my mouth about it, because you won't let me place an order. Either change your hours to 8:30 or whatever time you feel like you want to stop working or take an order within business hours. It's that simple. So frustrating!

Elizabeth K.

The food is always great whenever I come here, I love their red sea curry and panang curry! They also have yummy fried rice. Staff is very nice and polite.

Paul Bailey

Service was great and overall a nice establishment. The food was pretty good. The portions were very small. Good place for like a date night for 2. But to feed our family of 4 was about 80 bucks! And I barely had any left overs.

Vernon Steinkamp

Nice, stocked store with good service and no masks, love it.

Nicholas McKellip

Went here for my wife's birthday and the food and service were amazing. I personally love the yellow curry with chicken and my wife loves their Pad Thai. Highly recommend this place.

Katie L.

Super delicious food and good service! The only warning I'll give is that it does take quite a while for your food to be prepared. I always plan on at least 45-60 minute wait.

Erin High

We ordered to go. They let us know when to leave our house to pick up our food. Everything was fresh and hot! This is superb! Highly recommended! They are short staffed so patience is need for quality food!

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