Pete's Tavern

11 12th Ave Rd, Nampa
(208) 466-9280

Recent Reviews

Trouble Maker

Same as it's been for years. Pete's will outlive all of us!

Danielle Walsh

I love Pete's Tavern, Gary and Lynda are the best!

Matt seek

Gray low-key place to come have a pitcher or two of beer and play pool with friends. Friendly staff and very affordable.

Stephan B.

This is a fucken dive. Gary the owner and server is the best dude you'll ever know. He knows all his regulars and has a plethora of experiences to tell stories for days. This is not a club, a place to be pretentious about pool nor is it a fancy PC fucken place to bitch about the lack of fancynesses. This is where bonds are made, networks expand and reliable people with REAL feelings are met. Not your fake prissy "tip me cause I'm nice and hot" bar. If thats what you want FIND that and review that. If a dive is what you want this is the fucken spot. You can talk to LITERALLY ANYONE and make a friend. This place has been up since '45. It took seconds to walk into pleasant and lasting conversation. If your for real just trying to hit on chick's and spam around this ain't the place. Coming from California, what a nice change of pace where the objective isn't to fuck but to listen and be heard and drink a fucken lot. No this place doesn't smell like BO and the cat keeps to himself. Try it if your not a pansy and judgmental as fuck. This placed earned a new regular and is very veteran friendly

Kevin Locke

Plenty to do there... Play games, Shoot pool. Drink beer.?

Christina Marie

Pete's Tavern is the best my sister used to go there all the time as she was a member of a Pool League there when she was alive she recently passed on Dec 19th & the good people @ Pete's put on a Fundraiser for her kids today and I just want to thank them for for all they have done and for being there for my sister Gina Laree Laws Atkins Santistevan

Samantha Mccaskill

I went here to honor the life of my sister that always played in pool competitions here. They were so amazing and caring and just wonderful.employees.they have a great beer selection.

Micheal Goyen

Great staff lovely atmosphere, very rustic has been open since 1945 and just is delightfully old

Mike Olson

Quaint little hole in the wall with deep roots. Ask about the cave...

Tilla Sanchez-Salazar

Good place to play machines.

Kristina Jorgensen

Made many friends at Pete's. Place where everybody knows your name.

Marilyn K “Monkiestree” Jason

Pete's Tavern is a very homey place. It caters to all walks of life but stays on the light side of life.The bartenders are very polite and friendly, the owner's are just awesome!!! If your in need of a party ,you can always rent the cave room and the atmosphere is amazing!

Debbie Bechstein

Cold beer and awesome atmosphere.

Wendy Giannini Cimolino

a great old time bar with a mellow environment


Because I lost 9,000 dollars in there and no one even told me.. it's ok otherwise..nice atmosphere..

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