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Charlie Castro

Stopped in for a date night. The food was good and didn't have to wait long for it. These are a plus.Negative was cleanliness of the place and restrooms. Staff was abit scatter- brained on what table got what, but it eventually got there. Everyone was friendly and helpful though. In this day n age though, cleanliness goes along ways.

Steven Price

Won't be back wasted 45 min waiting in line after I specifically asked about a birthday dinner to be seated and them tell me afterwards I have to be a reward member.

Tony Lord

8/12/21 waited over an hour or not been served at all. There was the text message stating our wait would be estimated at 60 minutes and when that came and went we decided to not eat here as they had already closed. This is incredibly disrespectful to my family and myself. A simple we won't be able to serve you tonight would have been a better way to conduct business tonight. Incredibly dissatisfied. I understand being short staffed but when you watch huge parties go into the restaurant, wait 10 minutes and then go in it's so upsetting.

Jennifer Miller

Our server was great! The food all tasted delicious. They were all very much on top of getting us fresh fries. We never ran out of fries. Our server even put an order in of fries as soon as we sat down. The only frustration I had was the fact that we had an hour wait time, and when they sat us the restaurant was mostly empty. I'm not sure if it was from covid or they didn't have enough servers. Overall really happy. It was worth the wait!!

Kim Lewis

Wanted a table we were told an hour wait. So we ordered to go. 5 minutes after that everyone who came in was told the wait was 15 minutes. Bar was closed. We weren't even offered to be seated. Pretty much ignored. When I asked about the drastic change in wait time was told "just doing what I was told". Such poor customer service.

Ezechel Trifan

It's a Red Robin, so you kinda know what you're getting. A bit slower than others when I visited with a larger group for lunch. Staff was nice, but we stayed a lot longer than we planned to, and some of the orders were mixed up (for example: almost identical mushroom burger orders at our table but one was supposed to be well done and the other one medium rare, apparently they had no way to tell them apart, and I ended up eating the wrong one, too late to change with my coworker after the first bite, and we already stayed to long to ask for a replacement).

Marc Wilson

This review is specifically for the location at 2222 Cassia St, Nampa, ID. Waited 1.5 hours for a to-go order. After receiving it, we had about 10 fries in our orders and black charcoal in the burgers. Seems they can't keep up with business these days.I've also had some bad experiences in the dining room waiting on service. I'm always extra polite because I feel bad for them. They all look miserable.This was my last straw for this place. It's not worth it. Go somewhere else. If anything, I'll convince myself not to submit an order here the next time I consider it ?

Tim Teal

You have to be patience. There cook staff is low but the servers are very friendly and helpful.

Alex Peterson

Worst meal we have ever had at Red Robin. My husband's strawberry lemonade was watered down and un drinkable. He asked for a coke to replace it. His burger was cold and the cheese on it wasn't melted. My fish and chips were good. The only good thing about the meal. The fries were cool and only so so. At the end of the meal we found we were still charged for the undrinkable lemonade which was just disappointing. Even the water was gross? Do you need to clean your ice machine maybe? My advice is for people to skip it. It's not worth the price or the wait.

Sean M.

After half a day of traveling we were famished and stopped at RR for lunch. After finding out the wait was 40 minutes for a table (bar was closed) we opted to order to-go, but first my wife asked if she could get the table sized portion of the Avo-Cob-o salad since the to-go portions are about half the size of ordering in house. My wife asked that they put it into the bowl they normally serve it in and then dump that into to-go boxes. They assured us they'd let the kitchen know of the discrepancy and so we ordered. Once our food was brought out we looked in the bag and saw that the salad was the size of a side salad with dinky portions of toppings thrown on top (honestly, the smallest salad I've ever gotten on a take-out order). My wife showed the problem to the front staff who took the order and they apologized and said she had told the kitchen my request and she doesn't know why they did that. She went and got a manager who came out to tell us that the kitchen is often making the dine-in portions too big and they're trying to train them better. She refused to honor the promise of giving us the same size salad so we returned the salad and asked for our money back. We travel around the country and this is an issue at every RR we visit. The difference is this is the first time we've asked ahead of time to make sure the salad was the same size as the dine-in portion and we were encouraged to order and they'd take care of it. Had we known it wasn't possible we would've skipped the salad and gotten something else. Instead, they said they'd take care of it and let us order as if it wouldn't be an issue. Also, the "bottomless" to-go fries were minimal, barely covering the to-go box bottom. The freckled strawberry lemonade is the only thing that earned them 1 star. Pictured are what the salads are suppose to look like.

Julie fivecoat

Food was good, I went with the simple, chicken tenders and fries never go wrong. Was a good experience, had to wait 30 minutes to be seated, but definitely wouldn’t stop me from coming back. Our waiter Grace was pretty awesome and I think the only server at the time, but she did awesome!

Richard N.

We arrived and the place was almost empty. Getting someone to our table took 16 minutes. The staff was huddled and talking. We ordered and the drinks took an additional 20 minutes. This continued during the entire stay. Refills on drinks were rare, getting fries while waiting 45 minutes for food did not happen after asking. The list of problems is to great to list. I would understand if they were busy but that was not the case. We will be driving to another restaurant as service may be faster even with the drive.

Joseph Valencia

My friends and I came in and there was a long wait. And ALEX THE HOST was the best. Oh my gosh I’ve never had someone want us to stay and eat so badly. Dude has superb customer service skills and is the type of guy that’ll keep people coming back. Give this dude a raise and thank you all Red Robin staff. Y’all are great.

La Italiana

We arrived at the restaurant and were greeted by two employees. Before we said anything we were told with an attitude its going to be 20-25 minutes do you want to wait? I said sure, and asked if they are not using all the tables since I could only see 1 group of 3 people and was told they are short handed. I understand there is still some restrictions for covid but we were treated like they did not want us here period. Being nice and having good customer service is not difficult and goes along way...especially since the one person that greated us is management


My birthday celebration was not a celebration at all . I signed up for birthday club for a free burger and was only offered a dessert. Employees did not know what they were doing and ruined my birthday celebration. I left with nothing because they denied me my free burger. Thanks a lot red Robin

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Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews

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(208) 463-8300