Texas Roadhouse

1830 Caldwell Blvd, Nampa
(208) 466-2800

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Kelly Hurst

It was worth waiting for an hour to get in! We had Cheyenne as a server and she was so great! It was a Friday night so it was BUSY (hence the waiting for an hour). She made us feel like we were her only customers; she never made us feel like she was in a hurry; she was spectacular! As a former server myself, I can definitely say she was amazing and we will definitely ask to sit in her section again. Oh, and the food was also worth waiting for! Steaks cooked PERFECTLY!

Steve Phillips sr

Had a to go order got home and had prime rib but ordered a slab of ribs, so took them back then got home and opened tinfoil off baked potatoes and they were sweet potatoes so call them back and they just reimbursed me, told them I wasn't making another trip so make sure you check your to go order.

Joseph G.

Well, my steak tasted of scorched earth. I used a steak knife to chop my steamed veggies and my shrimp cold, under cooked and slimly. Glad it was laying on the toasted bread To soak up the smell and taste of the soggy seas. Baked tater looked like a 4 hour bath tub soaked toe, so cold and shriveled the cheese wouldn't melt. Everything was sub par at best. The drinks helped but that won't let me recommend this place. our server was great, the bathrooms are clean but the food!!!! Yuk!!! Should have gone to McDonald's.

Erick Bostrom

Always great food great atmosphere and service.Building is nice everything is clean restrooms are clean staff is very helpful always a great experience.

Ivana S.

We love Texas Roadhouse but don't go here often just because it's ALWAYS busy. We go maybe once a year. We ordered to go tonight and had scheduled to pick up at 7 but when we got there it wasn't ready. We were ok to wait for a bit however we ended up waiting an hour. When we got home, approximately 5 minutes away, our food was cold. It had of been sitting out for a while as my steak and my husbands prime rib was cold through the center. The food is AMAZING.... when it's warm.

B. R.

Probably hands down the best TRH experience I've ever had. The waitress was spot-on, the silverware was incredibly clean, and I mean like nothing I've ever seen before... and to top it off, probably the best Porterhouse cut I've had in my entire life. You can't give this place enough stars

Diane Bailey Clare

Good food as always. A little short on servers but she managed as best she could and super nice !

Cristeen Millar

Front reception set the pace for a very pleasant experience. The server staff were detail-oriented, proactive on drink refills, and accurate with what was ordered when they brought our food. The timeliness from time food was ordered to delivery to our table was impressive considering how busy the restaurant was!

Heather Baker

We had a great experience despite a few setbacks. Took an extra long time to get our skewer of shrimp. One meal the steak wasn't quite as hot as was expected but was cooked perfectly. One meal, the baked potato had someone's hair under the condiments and was not noticed until about half of the potato was eaten. The staff and manager were excellent. That meal was replaced and removed from the bill as was the shrimp. Overall, we had a fabulous experience and will be going back.

Noreen Cruz

The food was incredible! The staff was even better! We traveled from Oregon, visiting family. We went to eat there and was very impressed. My son lost his wallet while there, without us knowing. When we went to leave for home the next morning we couldn't find it. Not only did they lock it in the safe but all of the contents were there, too. I highly recommend Texas Roadhouse in Nampa!

Bill Dowden

We are great fans of Texas Roadhouse. Never had a bad meal until Sunday at 4pm. Table of seven. Steak was overcooked and very salty. Mine wasn't the only steak that was salty. Four of them were plus Grandsons chicken fingers. Granddaughters friend didn't receive her meal until we were done.her mini burgers

Richard Warf

food was delicious an customer service really good

Jacque Knebel

Awesome prime rib great service

Kim Clark

Pleasantly surprised. Never been to a Texas Roadhouse restaurant before. We were seated within 10 minutes of arriving, even though they were busy, and had large parties waiting outside. Our server was friendly and helpful. We ordered three different cuts of meat. A Top Sirloin, New York strip, and Rib eye and all 3 were cooked medium rare. (You'd be surprised how many steak houses can't cook meat to your specifications.) All the sides were good. The menu is very reasonably priced. Now I've had better quality steaks at higher end establishments but you also pay for what you get. For the price, it was nice to find a restaurant chain similar to the outback franchise, that can cook steak how you like it and do it better and not make a dent in your wallet. I would consider coming back.

Shawn Figueroa

Tuesday night bout 9:24 service was blah....Ordered a med steak and got completely rare ? ...I did not get chance to even return because waitress never checked back till 10 to 15 min later....This was first time at this location not sure if I can recommend this place or if I will return.

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