El Canelo

700 Burnham Ave, Calumet City
(708) 933-7292

Recent Reviews

Joanne Humphrey

Love their steak tocos.

David Clemons

It tastes Mexican ??

Alejandro gallardo

I was eating a torta and I felt weird as soon as I got done eating it and I kept feeling the same during the day and then the next day I had a fever

Christopher Weinstein

The best burritos in Calumet City.

Ron VanBrocklin

This place is great. The chorizo and eggs is the best

Virg Garza

Food is amazing and they provided great customer service im very happy with this restaurant

TaNesha Siler

Good service. Good food.

Reinaldo Gomez

Good food at a fair price. No dine in, only carry-out. The gentleman that took our order was great and the food was ready in about 10 minutes. No complaints, I would definitely go back there again.

Terrance White

Very polite service and great food

Pattie Spring

Love this place but same order two times two different prices? I get it take out cost more but what should be normally 14.00 was 18 now 20 I'm a great tipper done this job most of my life but seriously?

Jrock DaPrince

Best Tacos and Gorditas ever

Jose Campos

This spot is nice and roomy, the menu was yummy and the prices were very fair. fast, effective service and very affable waiters. Will definitely recommend this place.

Amanda Williams

The name has changed recently, but the staff is still the same. Really pleasant folk. Really great food. A nice place to bring family and friends.

Finnegan Newman

I tried this spot before with my friend and I am obsessed since then. I like the good ambience and delicious dishes and drinks. Keep it up.

Billy King

I frequent this unique place often because I love the special atmosphere that is unique to this restaurant. The team is awfuly welcoming and professional. The service is very efficient. Not to mention, the food they serve is great. I have been there many times and I was always pleased. The payment is decent. I highly recommend this place to to everybody.

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