Panos Big Boy

732 Burnham Ave, Calumet City
(708) 891-5530

Recent Reviews

Natalie Zolmer Flowers

Excellent always have to stop if I’m out that way

Jim R.

Not a bad place to stop for a quick, hot and fresh meal!!

joe Nitz

The food is great.The service is friendly for the most part but everyone is allowed a bad day.The tacos and beef sandwich is excellent along with the gyro.But just like everywhere else,the prices are getting ridiculous but it's not their fault either if they have to pay more for their products either.So it is what it is but if you go,you won't be disappointed.Excellent munchie food

R'Mel Cornelious

I had been going all the way to Harvey for soft serve.

Yolanda Yolanda

Panos, has a good food, especially the Gyro Plate , it's delicious . Also, the staff is pleasant, especially the night crew, they are absolutely cool.

Jellal Morning star

Love the garlic fries and it's a pretty big amount of fries.

Mark Hernandez

The portions have gotten too small and the price has skyrocketed. I won't be going back. The Gyro and Gyro platter used to be stuffed full of meat olives, pepperocini's onions tomatoes tzatziki sauce now it's all skimpy portions and high pieces. What a shame.


Pretty decent I had a Italian beef that Boi was just the way I like it

Jimmy B.

I just went to Panos on Burnham Avenue. I am extremely disappointed and feel ripped off. I ordered the Gyro Plate with the 20 oz. drink. They advertise that it's two pitas, feta cheese, two sauces, etc etc etc. It is none of that. It is a miniscule Gyro with no sauces, no pepperoncinis, no feta cheese and one pita. The twenty oz drink is a cup with about 14 oz ice and 6 oz soda. A total ripoff all the way through. I paid almost 11 dollars for nothing. False advertising. It is not a plate. It is a small Gyro sandwich wrapped in tin foil.

Kassandra Vazquez

We love it here. Our favorite spot for milkshakes and good a** food! ❤

Hope Tolbert

Awesome neighborhood restaurant. Best gyro cheeseburger and fries in the South Suburbs.

Liz Macias

Great flavor, stays open late (drive thru), friendly staff, quick to order, good prices


I mainly go here for their fries and ice cream because YUM. It gets really busy, especially in the drive thru, and since it's a small area, it's easy to get stuck out on the street. That said, they're very quick so the line goes through fast. No complaints. Especially since they always get my order accurate!

Erin Bosman

Great taste. Very small portions for the price. I won't be back. They have been getting smaller and smaller. Not worth it anymore. Will be making the trip to Nick's in Calumet City. Same price. Same quality. Twice as much food. No exaggeration

Mike Conway

Great subs for a great price! Been going there since I was a lil kid! Classic place that always brings back good memories

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