Schoop's Hamburgers

695 Torrence Ave, Calumet City
(708) 891-4270

Recent Reviews

John Boyzo

The chili was subpar, the turkey sandwich was decent and the fries were plain

Krystal Moreno

Very good old fashioned burger joint burger and and cheese fries delicious

Clarissa Bailey

Reminds me of my Nana..she made burgers like these when I was a little girl.This place takes you back into time..every bite reminds your of older times.Food is very good and service is very friendly!Great

Phillip Redmond

Best burger I've ever had, always hot and fresh. A bit pricey but I think it's worth it!

Opalina Throwaway

Absolutely delicious food! Although it may seem a bit pricy you do get tons of food in return. The curly fries were crispy and well seasoned and the burger was juicy and flavorful. The milkshake tastes great and I highly recommend this place. The staff are very laid back and kind as well.

Lol Jones

I am a long time customer of schoops the food is really good only reason why I have to give it one star because of the interaction I had with the cashier yesterday 01-21-2022 about 5-6pm . I didn’t catch her name witch I’m very upset wit myself about but if I can describe her without seeming rude she’s was kinda heavy short cut and I’m spending my money no one should be at the front wit a bad attitude.. I tried talking to her She was not having it (the other to young lady’s was sweet as pie) the cooks made my food good I don’t want to give up on this location I’ll try again .. now I did give a tip (money) maybe to make her smile that ain’t work my sister ask me why did I do that she was rude and told her Maybe she will smile more she ain’t even say thank you never again she’s beyond rude I should have got my tip back

Johann Chau

Delicious hamburgers. Prompt, polite, and courteous service. Ice cold and sweet shakes.

Nikki Nichole

I love this place real ground beef burgers the best and always fresh.... No comparison love that

yvette rouse

I've loved Schoops for years, but hadn't been since the pandemic hit. It was my first time bringing my son. We had our mother and son day today and wanted to eat burgers. I was happy to see them open so we popped in. He is now in love and never wants to eat burgers from anywhere else. We will definitely be back.

R Lacey

Bacon dbl cheese burger & bacon dbl burger, onion rings top notch. Best burgers in the South subs... So good

Margo Washington-Love

Food is great I eat clean 6 days a week & 1 day a week I have what I want?so far ive Been here1x 4 week in a row & being a plant base lady 6 days a week & getting a Turkey burger 1x a week hasn't upset my stomach & I don't eat much but very tasty & not greasy?

Keondraie Anderson

I'm very Impressed by the taste of the hand crafted burger. Fries are plentiful with your order.You are able to customize your order ( burger) to your liking.

Arie Sorin

Great burgers. They have been around for years. They know how to make a Burger.

ShaSha Lafunk

Food quality has changed. Burgers are flatter. Just not the same.

Londra Taylor

?A dear friend had been trying to get me to join her for a loaded Turkey burger for over a year. Well, finally we connected at 695 Torrence Ave and it was delicious. My friend burger was loaded with relish, cheese, bacon, mustard, catsup, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions and mayo. No, I didn't get that?. I got bacon, cheese, tomatoes, mayo, and lettuce but it was the kind of GOOD that make you go ? to my yummy!!! But, I could only eat half.

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