Billy Barooz Pub & Grill

2521 Village Green Pl, Champaign
(217) 355-8030

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Christina Tucker

We have never had a bad experience at billy barooz we just rarely go on that side of town. The nachos are 100% recommended. You can even get them deconstructed so the chips dont get soggy and its a little easier to eat. We have tried a variety of the burgers and chicken sandwiches and they have all been good. Service is always great and even though they can be busy we have never had to wait that long for a table.

Greg Groves

Good atmosphere and pleasant staff. Food was good too.

K Thomas

Come hungry! Great atmosphere and food!

Lacey Jamison

We've gone to Billy Barooz twice now, the second time to try it again as the first experience they were very busy. However going the second time and nothing has changed. Our experiences are as followed, First time, crazy busy, our waitress didn't even check in on us, nor did she bring our food. We were waiting for 1 hour before we talked to the manager, then we recieved our order which came back very cold like it was just sitting on their counter. The second time was today, we went as a wedding celebration as we got married today. I want to say the waitress there was very nice, she came and checked on us regularly and kept us up to date on what was going on, the problems we dealt with today are as followed, my food came back cold, didn't receive our coleslaw. My daughters meal was cold and didn't even taste like shrimp scampi but rather dirt with noodles and shrimp. My husbands order, the Broccoli tasted like it was rinsed off with sanitizer water, not a big issue but his steak was rare and not medium rare, his mashed potatoes were very starchy. We will absolutely not be returning as the service sucked food wise. Waitress by waitress there are good and there are bad, so I'm not concerned about them, some get overwhelmed, some are having a bad day. I would absolutely not recommend this restaurant to anyone.

Tracy Alexander

Great chicken salad!! I got a huge serving with a lot of chicken ! Chicken wasn’t dry either

Jason Abrams

Can be a little loud and gets busy. Food is almost always good. An exception is pizza on kids menu do not order that ever. But overall really enjoy it when we go and it can handle a larger group.

Ben Quattrone

Brought my high school golf buddies in from out of town and had a great happy hour at Billy’s last Saturday. Get the Jerry style wings they are awesome! Neil behind the bar and his team give awesome service!I was proud to share the experience with my friends.

Chris M.

Starting with the good...the service we experienced was fantastic. Our server was very attentive and helpful. Staff also brought our dogs water bowls without our asking. And, yes, they are dog friendly on the patio! The patio was a nice space, walled off from the parking lot so you don't feel like you're sitting in a mall. It probably needed more umbrellas, though, as the sun was intense and not all of the tables actually had coverage. The food, on the other hand...looked really good. Portions were huge. The food tasted good, too. I had a reuben with fries, and we had chicken wings to start. I think the food, overall, was just really greasy and maybe over-salted as we were all feeling the effects of that heavy meal well into the next day.

Debra Wildey

We had a great meal. I tried their fried chicken sandwich. It was excellent. It was so big had to take half It It home. My friend liked her Monterey burger. Will go back.


Billy Barooz had installed “cabins” outside during COVID. They were appropriate for their time. We made reservations online as always. No problems. One hour before we were to arrive. A manager called to ask if we were ok with inside reservations. They had torn down the cabins. Of course, No problem. Upon arrival the hostess who looked like she was 12 years old, told us they didn’t have reservations for us. I explained someone had just called within the hour telling us they did have inside reservations for us. She asked my name again. Oh, she said, I sat you. I asked where she sat part of our group. The hostess said I don’t know. Look around. I asked are you kidding? The 12 year old hostess said “ No, look at all these people I have!” I saw a manager while I was looking for our group. I explained what had happened. She said oh sorry. Very, disappointed in the professionalism of Billy Barooz. That was my last time at Billy Barooz. Their are several local restaurants in Champaign. Do yourself a favor, choose elsewhere!

Jennifer raper

Ate in one of rooms. They have small rooms with a wood frame and heavy plastic for the side window so they are very bright and standard doors. It was the safest eating out and the most pleasant I have done in over a year.

Bald Eagle

Consistently good food. Service was on point, leaving us wanting for nothing. Place was clean, as was place settings, bathrooms, and even menus (which is rare). I had a kale & quinoa salad that's good and flavorful. 4 stars for an obviously dirty front door handle and I feel the menu should be refreshed.


We went for lunch. Ordered fish tacos.. fish was real dry. Ordered Caesar salad with chicken and it was just ok.

Connie Burch

We frequent Billy Barooz for the atmosphere, the food and the service! Todays service was exceptional from Faith, not only at our table, but all of the tables around us. Great job Faith and we will be asking for you next time!

Pam Foley

Very pricey for the atmosphere they have. Food was good but not great. Nice place and very attentive waitress.

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