Chipotle Mexican Grill

903 W Anthony Dr STE A, Champaign
(217) 398-0997

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Jen Schmidt

The employees are kind, but the poor cashier lady seemed overwhelmed. Our experience went downhill quickly from there. We were traveling from Minnesota, on our way to South Carolina, with four young children. After 8 hours of driving, we decided to place an online order for pick up before heading to our hotel. We got there at the pick up time, but the food wasn't ready. No big deal. Seems to be the way things are now with Covid, and we didn't mind waiting. Finally, our order was ready about 15-20 mins later. Opened it up, and we realized we were missing a drink cup. We decided to check both bags to see if everything else was there. Nope. We were also missing a burrito bowl, a kids taco meal, and three kids meal fruit sides. Cashier apologized, printed out our order, and I told her what we were missing. It was made within 5-10 mins, sans kids fruit as they were out, and we were on our way to our hotel. I guess I should have triple checked the order before we left. My husband's burrito bowl had three items added to it that we didn't order, plus it was missing the salsa he wanted and the double chicken we paid for. Mine had fresh tomato salsa added to it, which I didn't order as I'm highly intolerant of fresh tomatoes. I tried to eat around it, which is impossible. I ended up spending my first night of our vacation praying to the porcelain throne gods, vomiting it all back up. My husband's bowl also made him sick, but he said the spice level was way too high (and he loves heat). Super disappointing. We wouldn't have minded the wait, but it sucks to have waited so long and for the order to have been so wrong. The bonus stomach sickness was also something we could have done without.

Iris Gray

It was almost mid day and I had a hunger steadily growing inside me. A hunger I knew could only be sated with one very specific source of sustinance. Big fat burrito. To avoid the wait, and the anxiety of having a worker suffer through my bumbling instructions in the assembly station I used my magic pocket rectangle to send my order through the air to the burrito wizards inside the establishment. I knew that as soon as I clicked the place order button and received the confirmation they would begin casting their incantations on their myriad of ingredients to form them into the delicious treat that my tummy so desired. After just a few minutes one of the burrito barons came forth from the back of the shop carrying a bag bearing my name and I knew that the feast was about to begin. I left in haste but on my way out I saw that one of the wizards had really cool eyeliner which is pretty Neato Torpedo if I do say so myself. I hope they have a nice day. I hope every single one of the burritomancers has a nice day. With the food securely in my tumtum, I certainly did.

Allison R.

Good food, standard Chipotle restaurant. Open for dine-in right now, and they are following IL's mask mandate rule. No changing table for babies in the bathroom, minus 1 star for that. Parking lot is super busy and rather congested.

Kevin M Harper

Try the bowls! They are the best! I always stop there and they got the best juices!

Brian Traficante

Hard working people. Understaffed but pushed a long line through. Did a great job.

Lindsey Walters

We stood in line forever, the line was out the door when we arrived and as we left. With that being said it was still a good 1st time experience with my 25 dollar gift card

Ben Winter

Twice in the past month the Champaign Prospect location has been over an hour behind the pickup time they provided for our take out orders. You try to avoid the delta variant by getting takeout and Chipotle has a dining packed with 30+ pickup customers.

Chinburn's Ripoff Recordings

This location is so quick, friendly, and efficient! Campus location is terrible, and no one tips, so I just refuse all orders from campus, only you should only order from this one, if want it fast? Less than five minuteswait, versus minium.half hour at campus, if we even stay long enough to pick it up, if a better offer not given before your order ready? No tip, no trip!


I usually frequent this chipotle. A few years ago I had got the barbacoa rice bowl and got really bad stomach flu. So I decided not to get the barbacoa bowl anymore. Well for the first time in almost 3 years, I became disappointed again. I came to pick up my order (mobile order) and I didn’t receive my grapefruit izze. Went back to get it, the employee apologized and gave it to me. Then I got to my car and noticed a leak and black mold? Inside. I’m kinda afraid to eat the meal I got now after seeing this…. Again, the employee apologized and got her manager because at this point I just wanted a refund for the drink. The employee told me that the manager would perform the refund transaction when the store closes tonight (never spoke with the manager)??? Huh. I’ve worked in food service for 9 years and NEVER heard of this? This will be my last time eating here. I will start going to the one on Green St.


I Wish I had read some of these reviews before I went to the store. I ran into the same issues with ordering online- there were people in there and I thought they were taking regular orders in house. I was there 30 minutes before closing so I started my online order and by the time I got my order in and the App said they cannot except my order because there were no more times available. Which at that time it was not even 20 minutes till close. The food was still out and somebody could’ve made accommodations. But I am assuming they have no customer service training trying to get food to the two people that were left in the store. And during that whole time I was arguing and discussing trying to get my order in they were not making any food for any other orders. They were so handcuffed to the app ordering they couldn’t make an independent decision to satisfy two customers that were left in the store that had been trying to order for at least 5-10 minutes. The staff tried, but I think they are brainwashed not to help unless the app says it’s ok.They even discussed it with the manager and the manager did not even come out and show their face. If they are so tied to the app, then the app should let us know that ordering is closed before we start entering our card numbers and all our ordering selections. Or, at least lock the dang door!! I know one chipotle store I will not go to ever again. And it actually has soured me a little on the chipotle brand.

Anthony Holmes

Absolute WORST chipotle I've run across. Never fully staffed and food always prepared porely. Only honest opinion on why they're open is LOCATION. Do not even waste your money at this location!

Waqas Rafiq

Ordered safrito and it was delicious. Love it. Quick service. Efficient staff. Well served. We want to come back again. Our order paid by next person and thank the couple for that.I wish they start serving the fish as well. Would recommend the management to think over it.. it would be great.

Patrick Bigoness

This is easily the worst run chipotle I've ever been to. Everytime I put in my order online through the app they are at least 20-30minutes behind. It is currently 20 past my scheduled pick up time and they don't even seem to have looked at my order. When I walked in, there was a full store of people still waiting for their food too. Assume they won't have your order ready when you walk in, and give them no less then ten minutes cushion and you might be able to pick your food up right when you walk in.

Courtney K

I miss the Cauliflower rice bowls! At least the salad bowl is still an option.Our food was great this time though, they didn't skimp on toppings and we got through the line quickly.


Page was so friendly and kind in the middle of the rush they had....only 3 people working...still had time to smile ? at me

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