603 S Wright St, Champaign
(217) 328-2538

Recent Reviews

Amr Fz

Fish masala is amazing

Carlos San

The food is delicious, economic, and the people behind the counter are always friendly! My personal favourite food item on the green menu is the beef and eggplant stew

Kevin Zhang

Consistent high quality, great service!

Amirul Mukminin

Good food and good people!

Ethan L.

dry fish curry with egg add spice and jakarta fried rice add spice have given me so much serotonin.

Krystofer Han

Good price good enough food

Santa Claus

Great fast food from multiple countries in Asia. Delicious at affordable prices

Altin Demiroglu

The best Asian food in the area with the kindest and most famous Cravings guy. He fed so many of us throughout our graduation. He knew all the customers and, based on what they like to order, he always had great new suggestions. Open for custom meals. Really generous portions. Nowhere in the country did I have the chance to find such tasty meals (whole steamed tilapia, Jakarta fried rice). Sometimes he would sit with us and share his Guinness stout beer.

Kate H

Definitely the worst hot and sour soup I've ever had it was way too sweet the broth wasn't even the right consistency or color it kind of looks like they mixed egg drop soup with sweet and sour sauce. I also asked for chicken and vegetables with garlic sauce made mild but instead it was so sweet that once again it tasted like they had just taken the sweet and sour sauce and drenched it in that. I do not recommend and I will steer clear.

Regan M.

Cravings is my favorite Chinese restaurant in Champaign!! The workers are always so friendly and the food comes out relatively quick. All of the dishes I have tried are super good and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of ordering from here!

Oliver Melvin

How does this place have the highest rating of all the green st Asian options??? Look up their history with failing food safety inspections. No thanks.

Deep Chatterjee

The quality and quantity they provide for the price is amazing.

Jonathan Z.

So gas every time. Most affordable american and authentic options. I recommend braised beef tendon, salt pepper fish/squid, and jakarta rice

Ci M.

i promise this is not what you're craving. my crispy tofu tastes like soap and the fried rice is old

Aravind B (Babs)

Good food at great price and large quantities. I've tried chicken, beef, pork, and house special fried rice dishes- each of them are superb. Out of the other dishes, orange and garlic chicken are great. Beef dishes are also usually good. Best part is the price. The quantities could suffice two servings for a normal eater and 1.5 for a foodie like me. For under 10$, that's very light on your pocket.

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