Jumbo Crab

2028 N Prospect Ave, Champaign
(217) 600-7109

Recent Reviews

Brigette Tamara

The food is very fresh and basic. Not good enough to return.

John Gallagher

Really good--I hope more people try it because it's sorta in a random place (next to a target). Highly recommend.

Willie Grant

It was great food. I plan to go back when I am in the area again.

James Wang

The seafood here is fresh and they give you a lot! My wife and I always share an crab shrimp and mussel platter. We always leave stuffed. If you order any shrimp dish the shrimp are huge. Price is very reasonable for the amount and quality of seafood.The decor is beautiful and the staff are friendly and very fast in refills. I highly recommend the garlic Cajun edamame appetiser. This has become our happy place when the kids are at the grandparents and we go on a date. Definitely a hidden seafood gem in Champaign.

Angel Stewart

The food was amazing... seasoned to perfection

Misty Deline

Food was amazing. Definitely recommend.

Penny P.

Great food, good service, & clean dining area. Temperature checks are performed. Large portions are nice!

Jonathan Goble

Really enjoy seafood so seeing this place I had to give it a shot. For a friday night it wasn't very busy. Heard another customer complain about prices but its SEAFOOD. It's expensive at the store too. I ordered a platter with cajun seasoning and it reminded me of being down in the buyout of Louisiana. The food was really good. Got an appetizer. Fried okra and to my surprise like so many other places it wasn't soggy from the grease or cold. If I had the money I'd eat here once a week. Very good place to go if you want actually sea food

Lorena Ortiz

Awesome food good drinks

Kimberly Althaus

I love their platter meal it filled me up

Marnie Maguire

Great food. They take your temp as soon as you go in & tables are very spaced out. Staff is super friendly & service is good.

Crystal Lynn D.

I came to visit the town & the food here was great!! I got the 1/2 Shrimp & 1/2 crawfish boil & it was worth every cent! The smell was great, food was delicious. 10/10


The food was good like the shrimp and the sausage i got the lunch special very good portion of food.

Carol Langenfeld

Just had lunch! It was very good! Service was spot on and the food delicious! Had the fried calamari, fried oysters, seafood bread, and created our own boil with crayfish, snow crab, shrimp, and sausage! Yummy! Thank you!

Jason Song

I used to enjoy the food here, but we really had a bad experience. We ordered some crab legs, squid and one lobster tail on Ricepo and the total is $56. However, when we received the food, we found the total amount surprisingly small. There was some crab legs and squid, but for the $20 lobster tail, there is only one 2-inch piece. Besides, no napkins, no gloves, you figure it out by yourself! It's not what it used to be and it's not worth what I paid. We wouldn't order it any more if it's still like this.Update on Mar. 14:Made a call and received the apology. A gift card is promised for later orders.

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