Maize Mexican Grill

60 E Green St, Champaign
(217) 355-6400

Recent Reviews

Sumit Bhagchandani

I ordered Chile relleno and there was hardly any chicken I payed approx 17 dollars. Do not order chilled rellano

Damaris Rodriguez

The best Mexican place in the CU. It’s so authentic and the servers/cashiers are so nice and fast! Everything is delicious but the tacos Mexica are unique and my favorite!

Bill Tao

Changed my view of Taco

Paul Wilson

Good food and Cheap Price and Great Service!

John H

No idea how this place is rated so highly. They definitely use CANNED CHICKEN. I can't speak for the other meat choices, but if they are willing to go that cheap on chicken I wouldn't dare try anything else. As other people have pointed out Chipotle is cheaper, better, and healthier. Save yourself time and money.

Justin Winterbottom

Great tacos! Very quick even when busy which is usually whenever they are open.


Not good not bad, me and many others can agree that chipotle is better, healthier and cheaper, this is honestly greasy cheap food marked at an expensive cost although there both not “real” Mexican food they both technically are well either way chipotle is way tastier and healthier and cheaper (coming from a Mexican) I would personally like less greasy food but if you don’t care if what you’re eating is healthy or not than 3-4 stars but for me personally I would give it 1 star also force tips

Stephanie Puentes

Terrible attitude by cashier, got my order wrong and did not want to change it despite me pointing it out not more than one minute later. After a lot of attitude, it was changed. Took forever to prepare my order when they're usually pretty quick. Food was decent, horchata is good.


If you are vegetarian, don't waste time getting tacos anywhere else. The mushroom and huitlacoche tacos here are to die for.

Lorenzo Gonzalez

Not authentic -extremely rude service & way over priced - I’m Mexican and I would never recommend this place to anyone .


I ordered a side of guacamole which is too expensive already, and they didn’t include it in my order. The torta I ordered had more lettuce than steak and it didnt have much lettuce either. I’m dissappointed. The quality used to be a lot better.

Karianna R.

The veggie burrito and sope, and carne asada flautas were all exceptional! It also came with free chips and salsa, even to-go.

Katie M.

Good food but can't truly enjoy because they don't have options for flour tortillas. I wish I like corn tortillas but I just can't. Atmosphere on the patio is wonderful! Customer service average.

Cj J.

Pumpkin Flower Fried Quesadilla Pumpkin Flower Fried Quesadilla was kinda a mess but tasted pretty good. I give the credit for trying creative recipes but a little more attention to presentation

Monica M.

Overpriced with its food quality. Nothing special or stellar if you have ever been to any good Mexican restaurant in the south. Chips are way too oily.

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