McAlister's Deli

421 W Town Center Blvd, Champaign
(217) 355-6480

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Brittney Lewis

I placed an online order today to pick up on my 30 min lunch. It was to be ready at 1:54 pm I arrived at 1:50 and told the male at the counter I was there to pick up my order he just pointed for me to stand to the side with other customers he didn’t ask who I was or anything. After waiting for 20 min and none of us receiving our food I inquired about my order while the employees were rude I was informed they could not make my order because they did not have any berries. Prio

Mike Peterik

Fast service, big portions, and clean. New Yorker was excellent. They forgot my pickle though.

Roxanne Cramer

What a great attitude the staff has! We were there during lunch rush, they were obviously short staffed. What I am assuming was the owner was running the register, serving lunch and taking phones calls all with a happy attitude! We had to wait a bit for our order but did not mind one bit! Thanks for the great service and fun jokes!

Jami Marriott

Every single time I go they are always amazing! While understaffed, they always make an effort to have your food out as soon as humanly possible. If there is a wait for your food, they will go over to you personally and apologize. I was waiting today for a pickup of a baked potato (amazing, by the way) and I had a solid 20-25m wait and the ladies working the register asked me if I wanted a drink or a cookie while I waited, free of charge. I highly recommend this McAlister's, just be ready for a slight wait due to their small staff

Black Electric

Would be 5, very good food and very friendly place. Extremely understaffed. Spoke with manager and stated help is very hard to find right now. The manager was super nice to his employees and was working hard himself. So hard he was sweating, you could tell he cared about his employees and took pride in his work. We will continue to come but we hope for more staff.

JoHanna Wozny

Good food, reasonable prices. Only thing that could be improved would be an actual website with the menu instead of a picture on a Facebook page.

Frances Harrold

great sandwiches and the best service.

Davetta Watson

Horrible!! I have always enjoyed their food and service until today. I ordered a spud max as I usually do. I was enjoying it until I got to an area that was rotten. Yes, I was eating a rotten potato. I called and spoke with the manager, and later returned with the potato. He refunded my money, but never apologized. I asked him to fill out an incident report and he turned away from me to ask the person who was preparing orders. She said "only for our employees if they are hurt" He then turned and said "no ma'am we don't do that and walked away! Poor service!!


It's out of the way and back in the day (early 2000's) this place used to be the spot! The food is still pretty good but they aren't in a hurry to serve. Food is still really good though it was just three people working (par for the 2021 course though) would eat there again. Just don't be in a hurry.

derreck ferris

So I just ordered a sandwich the French dip from McAlister's. Not Too Tall of an order it also came with another sandwich for my wife. All right out of $40 order. I noticed when I ordered I was not allowed the option on the doordash app to order an additional ah jus sauce. It was frustrating because I'm a type of person who likes extra of this. So imagine my frustration when my Dasher arrive can I meet him at the front door and say hey can you check my order for an ah jus ssuce. It wasn't in there not the Dashers fault but the restaurants fault they simply forgot to put it in. Now I have to choke down a French dip without this wonderful my favorite side sauce. To the person in charge who sets up the menu with doordash please add the simple option of purchasing more ah jus sauce. It's worth the corporate charge of paying for one more item on the doordash Menu it also would have kept your restaurant from getting a one-star if I had ordered let's say three of the sauces you might have left one in there versus forgetting it.

Jill Johnson

I love going here! I had the club sandwich and it was delicious. Their sweet tea is the best! I highly recommend eating here.

Greg Purnell

Sandwich was really good! Recommended. I got McAlister's Club.

dee weber

The people who worked there were so so nice! Very good to us. Great service. The food was wonderful. Great atmosphere and very clean. We loved it. We are def going back often

Jamie Brown-Nugent

Love this place! Good food. Good variety. Attentive staff.

k l

I've been waiting for a salad for half an hour. Next time I'm going to go to the store, buy lettuce, and make my own salad if I need something quicker.

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