Seven Saints

32 E Chester St, Champaign
(217) 351-7775

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Justin Hayes

Seven SaintsMeal: LunchCheck-in process: No waitRating 5Service: Excellent, fast, attentative, brought my steak sauce 1st thing as requested.Rating: 5Ambience: On Patio, not much breeze, but very nice.Rating: 4.5Dish: Ribeye Sandwich/ Waffle FriesFood Quality: 4Ribeye was excellent. Ordered blackened as was a choice. I wouldn't do that next time. Seasoning a little off. the regular sandwich would be at least a 4.5 (maybe some lettuce and tomato added as a default would be good). Waffle fries are good, but I am not a fan of the fried fry style.Food Quantity: 5PerfectValue: The quality validates the cost.Rating: 4.5Overall Rating 4.7

Mark Shanks

Nice place! Great sliders and the tomato bisque soup was fantastic! Really nice architecture and decor, with an incredible back room bar and an outdoor beer garden. Our server was super attentive. Would recommend!

Sakhom Hughes

Food is delicious. Came in big proportions. Great service. I highly recommend this restaurant.

SAM OESTERREICH (Oesfreelancing)

My favorite dish is what you're seeing here, the Summer Salmon Salad. It's sooo good! Our waitress Callie was wonderful! She was also safe wearing a mask. We appreciated that!

Bill B.

Finally went after hearing good things. It was okay. Food was good but nothing special. Was not a fan of the cheese curds even though this is apparently something they are known for

Alexa S.

three stars because I have tried different fish and vegetarian sandwiches here and wasn't a big fan. I will say there summer salmon salad is very good so if your coming here I would recommend that

Kelly W.

Enjoyed the outdoor patio experience. We will definitely visit again. This server was very pleasant and the service very good.

Tim C.

I could literally eat anything off their menu; never had a bad thing. Good appetizers, salads, soups, and entrees. Also a good selection of beers, bourbons, and other spirits. I'd highly recommend cheese curds or the chicken flautas for an appetizer.

D W.

Back in CU to visit my old home town and alma mater U of I (class of '73, yes, I'm old) for the first time in 10-12 years. Shocked to see how commercial everything west of Wright Street has become, horribly ugly, a tragedy. But I visited some old haunts, starting with the Tumble Inn, of course. And a Coors rep was there working with the great lady bartender. So next, I hit the Esquire but it was dead and not very appealing (no offense), so I went next door to a livelier looking lunch spot that's new since my last visti - Seven Saints. And that same Coors guy happened to be only other guy at the bar, and we got talking and had a great time. He knows the CU bar/restaurant scene as well or better than anyone and told me that this Seven Saints place has GREAT food. So for dinner my wife and I returned to the Saints and oh man, he was not wrong. I had the salmon, about $13.00 and in any other city that's a $35.00 entree, big slab of perfectly cooked, moist salmon with a delicious glaze, then heaped with fancy rice, broccoli (perfectly steamed) and halves of yummy red cherry tomatoes. Absolutely fantastic and though it was a huge serviing , I cleaned my plate. Great bartender, (I think she was the manager, super nice and fun), cool ambience, terrific service - really a great spot. I'll probably hit it one more time while n town. Highly recommend.

Raul D.

Fantastic decor very interesting menu and great food. One of the best restaurants in CU. Prices are very competitive. Enjoy!


Of all the places we ate in downtown champaign, this was my favorite. The food incredible, the service great, and the atmosphere perfect.


After a day of traveling to get to Champaign my whole family was tired and cranky. And no one could agree on what they wanted to eat. Enter Seven Saints. Great menu with enough variety and quality selection. I ordered the Seven Saints Salad and DEVOURED it. I need to recreate this at home it was so good. What a great little restaurant!

Kathy Anne

Second time here (visiting a friend in town) and I am highly impressed once again!!!! Got the honey Dijon slider with a cup of tomato bisque. SO GOOD!!! That tomato bisque has great consistency, flavor & overall an addictive taste. I’d get that soup over and over again. Decided to also try the California Turkey and salmon slider. Love that salmon slider. I live 2 hours away but I would travel here for Seven Saints. So worth it.

Alyssa Knights

If you've never been to Seven Saints, you're missing out. They have the best cheese curds I've ever had in my life. Stuff us always super friendly and they have a fun cocktail and alchohol menu if you're interested in that! The sliders are amazing along with the salads and sandwiches! You can't go wrong at Seven Saints.

Rich H.

Quick dinner after getting into town late. Everything was done well, the salad came dressed but had a reasonable amount of dressing on it so I wasn't mad about it. Buffalo chicken slider was big for a slider! Quite an extensive bourbon list to enjoy, come check it out.

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