Seven Saints

32 E Chester St, Champaign
(217) 351-7775

Recent Reviews

Austin Hackett

Had the tilapia tacos and a Triptych Little Secret draft beer. Wonderful cooked food. Beer was crisp, excellent, and cold. Staff was friendly and quick.

Tim McNinch

Stopped by after ordering on-line. Curbside pu. Food good, order ready when we asked.

Unmesh Patil

Loved the outside (on the road) seating!Food is great! The sliders are small in size though and so do order it taking this into consideration!

Sarah Leigh

Their food is a bit pricey and trying to find parking is not fun but I always return for the taste and quality! I love their salmon sliders and soft pretzels with beer cheese! They also usually have a wide array of craft beers, on tap, to choose from.

Katrina Halfaker

We had a lovely experience this evening. Our hostess was so friendly to my husband and me and my cat (harnessed in a stroller of course). She even blocked the speaker for a moment while we walked to the Beer Garden because she knew our kitty was a little unaccustomed to the volume. She's spent so long in quarantine and this was her first foray back into patio/stroller walks downtown. Our server was warm and helpful as well tonight. I appreciate their kindness, and I think their attentiveness helped settle us all. We'll have to come back during the daytime when bands aren't playing across the street sometime! Food was delicious. Husband scarfed the tomato bisque. Their Washington Riesling is one of the sweetest we've tried - check it out!


Got a slider with sweet potato fries, delish! Prices are very reasonable and great vibe. It might have a wait time if you go during the dinner rush but the downtown area is a beautiful walk while you wait.

Kim N

Stopped here while on vacation travel as got good reviews on TripAdvisor. Walked out after 30 minutes even after we told hostess that we needed quick service

Cathy Peterson

Good meal and service. Recommend the green bean appetizers. All of us enjoyed them, even my son who is not big on green beans. The southwestern salad was tasty. Recommend adding meat to it. The vegetables were stir fried and added to the greens. The tilapia tacos were much better after getting the same dressing used for the southwest salad; otherwise to bland. The pie with ice cream was a hit with all 3 of us. Very rich so good to share. Service was friendly and attentive.

Tanya Brownfield

Had an absolutely delicious meal the other day. Had great service even when they were short staffed.

Leah Cummings

Absolute best ribeye sandwich, hands down. After moving out of town a few years ago I had daydreams about this beauty - definitely worth stopping for anytime I'm back in Champaign!


We absolutely loved this place. It was our first time there this past weekend. We had to wait for about 15 minutes and there were a few other groups waiting as well. Crab cakes, with aioli and salad, were delicious. My husband loved the country fried chicken salad. The best part is that the prices aren't bad at all especially for such a nice place like this. The waitress was super attentive. Only issue was parking. We found a parking spot a couple of blocks away. 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Cheryl Hunt

Food was decent. Asked for a sweet cocktail and the waitress recommended the empress Diana. It was not sweet at all, and was very bitter. Pretty, but tasted horrible. I would go back for the tacos, but I wouldn't order another cocktail

David Ware

Great service and food. Wonderful experience.

Jeff M.

I figured this would be a no brainer, well reviewed, right downtown in a college town, must be ok. Things went from bad to really worse. First I walked in and got told there would be a wait then was directed outside to wait (I know, I know, pandemic, but there was certainly space inside and I was the only person waiting). The tone was the worst, just very "get out" and no welcoming or smile of any sort whatsoever. This was "Phillip" the host and another host. Shockingly no smiles or kindness or, you know, customer service. Iwent outside, realized I wanted to get onto their wifi, walked back in to ask for the wifi password and they almost tried to throw me back out, completely unwelcoming. Finally got taken to the only high-top in the place, expressed that I was hoping for a table or booth and they sighed (Sighed!) a couple times, acted as though it was going to be a big hassle and so I caved (shouldn't have!) and took the high-top. Then the worse. They had two appetizer combos on the menu, and when I asked to flip in an item from one to the other, it became a big thing, they had to bring over the "bartender" Ethan (not a manager, but somehow in charge?) who said no and was rude and abrupt while I got told I could just buy a full order of that thing (but no discount of course for dropping the other thing from the combo) and they don't do changes, with an explanation that was obtuse and really didn't make his point of "why". I know, places have set menus, but this was 1) trying to be a pretty nice restaurant but failing completely at customer service and 2) completely not busy and 3) just rude about it all along. Then when I took a while figuring out what I wanted to order, they came around every minute as though I should hurry up and order. Same thing with trying to push another drink, just aggressive sales techniques that were off-putting and, again, unwelcoming. Decided to cut my losses and headed out. Oh, the waitress was new, and the only one approaching friendly in any way. Hopefully the rest of them don't change her into rudeness.


This is a unique dining experience. The cheese curds and sliders are all fantastic. I recommend trying multiple sliders to find out what your favorites will be. They offer many options with variations of meat.

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