Sushi Ichiban

619 S Wright St, Champaign
(217) 954-0493

Recent Reviews

Chubby Elf

Ramen, yakisoba, and chicken teriyaki are all good

Carlos San

The food's decent and you can get a good amount for a decent price!

Justice -

Came in with friends as I heard this place had good value for Sushi. Turns out that was correct as you get your money’s worth more so than other places whom they are comparable too. Had the Shrimp Tempura Roll, and the Dynamite Roll, which were both great. Didn’t like the Palatine Roll as much, but was still enjoyable. Will go again in the near future!

E. Norma Stitz

So first of all, their menu was very disorganized and hard to read. When I finished ordering, we sat down only to see a whole mfn dog come out the back. We were appalled and then heard barking followed by a loud chopping noises. On top of this, the fried rice was nasty and had chunks of poorly chopped excuses of a vegetable. The sushi I ordered also had huge chunks of cucumber in it. Then while trying to salvage the remnants of this excuse of a meal, my stomach began hurting and telling me to not eat any more of this attempt on my life. Absolutely gross

Alex Brinker

Nothing in our order seemed as though it was fresh and/or cooked thoroughly. The takoyaki seemed undercooked, the ramen was overcooked, and the boba was hard as a rock. By far, the worst part is the fact that the tuna roll had the consistency of paste. The person who handles their social media is likely going to try to spin this around and tell me that non of this is true, or that this is my fault like they did with all the other one star reviews, but I strongly recommend not eating here. Not trying to be mean, but this place is in strong need of reorganization.

Schannon B.

One of the guys that works here is super rude and needs to be retrained in customer service. For that reason, I will not be back. They also do not follow COVID protocols here- blatantly refusing to wear masks. Being this far into the pandemic, how are we still being defiant about a public health issue? Either wear the mask or stay home and don't, nobody makes you come to work. Will be telling my sorority about this experience.

Larry Underwood

Ate here two or three times. The first meal was okay to good for the price. The latest meal I had was chicken teriyaki and it was the worst I've ever had. The chicken was slathered in a gravy like sauce. It tasted like a high school cafeteria salsbury steak at best, cat food at worst. I feel sick thinking about it.

Jasmine C.

For the price point, I think this sushi place is pretty good! There's really barely any place to get sushi on campus and this is one of the few that have good lunch deals. I enjoy their palatine, yellowtail, and eel cucumber roll! Two rolls are good enough to get me full, and three is great for leftovers later. They even throw in a bottle water or soda with your meal. They have a really large selection of fish and I would definitely hit this place up to try something new or to fix that sushi craving

Zachary Chandler

This is the best sushi place in Chambana! Highly recommend! Service is always perfect and food is even better. 10/10 recommend!

Diego A.

Sushi was not bad but didn't really stand out and taste was okay. I enjoyed the pot stickers more and they were more flavorful


Great sushi! Loved every second of it. Also nice atmosphere

Nathan Squaire

Sushi was pretty good. Didn't see the Ichiban on the menu tho

Ashley Taylor

Don't get me wrong, the service is amazing and the prices are great. But I ordered sushi for take out and the fish on it looked old. Gave them the benefit of the doubt and tried to eat it. Now I'm absolutely sick. Save yourself the food poisoning.EDIT- changed stars from 2 to 4. Owner reached out and gave me a call to apologize after seeing my review. Made me feel better about my experience

Gabriel Grais

This is by far my favorite restaurant on campus. The lunch and dinner deals are great and the food has been consistently good! The staff is friendly as well.

Max Song

Cheap, friendly, big portions, couldn't ask for any more. Tofu beef soup was pretty good, dynamite roll is pretty good if ur into cream cheese with sushi

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