Chili's Grill & Bar

15735 S Harlem Ave, Orland Park
(708) 342-1626

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Sabrina Sullivan

Is there a reason this store canceled my order?? I knew I should’ve went to portilos smh

jessalyn staniszewski

Absolutely disappointed that I order food for pick up was charged for the food get to the restaurant checked in waited for over 15 minutes walk to the doors to find out they closed. Atleast 4 other cars outside with me. So you guys can take people money but can't change your hours online to say closed or not accept orders like other restaurants?! Seems to me poor management.

Brian Whittle

Make a good decision and go anywhere else. We did a pickup order and did not get 2 of the sides you're supposed to get. The medium rare steak was as red as an apple.Then you call and wait 10 minutes for a manager, who says she's going to refund part of your order but she never does so you need to waste time on the phone with the credit card company disputing the.charge.Do not go here.

Brad Mccarthy

The happy hour special that was advertised on their website for this location was ended, they did end up allowing us to get it. The coke freestyle machine apparently got discontinued as well. We got 2 dinners with fries, I had cold fries and the other were fresh. Service was incredibly slow. We were there almost 2 hours.

Vickie D

Maggie our waitress was wonderful. The Chef... totally off! Everything was overly seasoned and over cooked. Parts of my tenders were inedible, hard and dried out. My mother-in-laws chicken breast looked like a tender just flattened and over cooked. 2 other tables returned a plates, I didn't hear what their issue was. With so many other places to choose from... we won't be back.


It took our waitress 15 minutes before she came to our table. She didn’t apologize for the wait at all. She passed us multiple times and didn’t say anything.

Lo B.

Would have given a better review if my party of 3 could have made it past the rude young lady (Peyton) at the hostess stand. She rudely dismissed us to go stand outside, although the app said our table was ready and then she proceeded to say the wait is now 45 minutes (I guess our presence annoyed her).

Aliyah Moor

Bartender made too much of a drink I ordered and gave them both to me, didn’t let me know he was charging me for two. They were too strong individually. If you ever had to complete a program for handling liquor then you know if you serve a person too much alcohol and they later have a fatal accident, that will partially fall back on you. While I was there I overheard someone actually complain that the drinks were too strong. If they serve you a extra drink and you didn’t plan on paying for it, it isn’t free. Politely decline.


Only complaint is that after I finish my maybe 4th drink the next one was pretty much all mixer. They act like I'm not a seasoned vet

Justin Gaeta

Awful experience.Nacho platter looked like it had been made earlier in the day an reheated.Salad was gross, wet, wilted, overly chopped iceberg lettuce.Chicken was rubbery.BlueCheese dressing seemed watered down.Staff had a strong “We do not give a F***” vibeWe will NEVER return!

Ella B.

everyone we interacted with was super kind, helpful, and efficient! our server, presley, was so nice!! our food came really fast and had really attentive service!

Jacqueline Williams

CHILLI’S ORLAND PARK-THE OASIS!Have you ever had one of those days that could be described by wearing the badge “ I SURVIVED IT”!??? It was one of those days as we dragged our hungry and tired bodies to Chilli’s door. We were greeted by cordial staff, and given a short wait time for a table. I whispered to my sister,” I can’t wait”, as she turned to the greeter and said, “May I have a glass of water”?, he replied “please wait right here”, and walked away. I groaned, “ now we’ll have to stay, it’s impolite to leave”!Almost immediately the manager,Deborah appeared with a glass of water and a smile, seated us at a table, as our waiter came to take our order.I was truly impressed by our first visit to CHILLI’S in Orland Park! I enjoyed watching Deborah’s interaction with each team member, as she was taking orders, bringing food to the tables, clearing dishes and clearing surfaces. I observed the smiles from the customers at each table.Our first visit to CHILLI’S in Orland Park-delicious food, ambiance, incredible attentive staff and Deb, the manager, who brags about 20 years of service and still loving it!!Just a few hours earlier my car was totaled in an accident- no one injured—lost license at the scene-waiting in line 2 hours for replacement-too tired to shop—and we stopped at CHILLI’S. Now it’s one of our favorite dining places. It wasn’t a mirage after all—a cordial cup of water led to a wonderful dining experience and the delightful conclusion to our day!

Lou Ison

Totally satisfied with the convenience of online ordering. Orders are usually done in the time they say. The quality of the food is very good to excellent.

Sandra Hughes

Food was great! And our server Danielle was amazing! Thanks

Mrs. LaToya Jackson-Lewis

THEE BEST SERVICE I HAVE HAD IN YEARS!!!! Food was hot, fast, and delicious!!! Waitress was SUPER KIND and thorough!!! We will be back for sure!!!

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