Dairy Queen

14460 South La Grange Road, Orland Park
(708) 349-1922

Recent Reviews

Dianna Chapman

9 cars in line,went pretty fast made it home before it melted, lucky grandpa

Shakah Williams

They had one vegan option. The non dairy dilly bar! It was pretty good.


I looove ice cream!! Dairy Queen has been around as long as I remember and always is a great summer treat! Yummy! This one had very fresh food when we went.

Essential Creations Chicago Sandtricia

The young lady slam the glass door shut without saying thank you or good bye. She was upset I asked for extra napkins. Beware if she is at the window

Robert H

Had to eat my malt with a spoon, which was unfortunate, since I had to drive another half hour to do so.Passenger couldn't order their choice, since the selection was out, so they got a chocolate chip blizzard. The bottom half was solid, unblended vanilla ice cream though.Feel bad for the few employees that were sprinting about trying to get orders filled.

Ali D.

This doesn't even deserve one star i got 6 blizzards and they were all supposed to be chocolate the young woman at the window gave me all vanilla and once I said something about the problem she's got very ignorant and kept cutting me off and screaming at me just to give her the cups. And kept trying to say I never come to this dq when I was trying to use my coupons.This was at 10:00pm.

Lee Arroyo

Listening skills could be better and execution needs work but nice staff


I looove ice cream!! Dairy Queen has been around as long as I remember and always is a great summer treat! Yummy! This one had very fresh food when we went.

Hunter Tuscher

Nice people and they let me bike though the drive thur because the inside was closed fast good Ice cream and nice people.

James Morgan

Excellent staff at this location. Always leave a tip. Food is hot and order is always accurate


The food here is ok. The onion rings are amazing though! Fries are good, but actual sandwich/ burgers are not too good. Usually really really greasy. My wife says the chicken fingers are pretty good though too. The star of the show is obviously their ice cream. You can't go wrong with their ice cream!

Ricardo Sanchez

Their blizzards/ice cream is always fantastic! The food is even good, but the service needs work! Waiting for the food to be ready sure took a long time. Roughly 12 minutes or so for the food to be ready seems like too long, especially when it is drive thru.5 stars for the ice cream + 3 stars for the service = 4 stars...still pretty decent, but leaves room for improvement.

Aires GroundAndPoundcake

The drive thru situation is a littttttle janky, and there was quite a wait, so much that the car in front of us drove off. However! The cashier was SUPER friendly and understanding when we asked to add 2 extra things after our order was done. I know, I know. We were that car. I'm sorry. (We apologized to the cashier profusely too.) He was so nice about it and they whipped everything up super fast.The food was good. I love the garlic toast. The rotisserie chicken was flavorful, but a little dry tbh. I'm not sure I'd get it again. They should sell chicken rolled in the garlic butter that's on that toast. I'd buy that every week! The mint chip shake was the best shake I've had in forever, the blizard was amazing and we’ll be back for more, the dipped cone was perfection.Had the customer service not been as great we wouldn't be as impressed with this place. But we'll go back. And it was nice that that they had good service with out the saccharine "My Pleasure" every other minute at other places. Just sayin


As of 3/14/21 the lobby is still closed. But the drive-thru service is pretty fast. And the staff is friendly. The last time I was there the outside seating was open.

Lillyen Walczak

Food is hot and fresh including fries; $6 meal deal is the best you get sandwich fries drink and dessert.

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