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16333 South La Grange Road, Orland Park
(708) 675-3241

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James M.

New Member Just joined this month and it is by far the cleanest facility anywhere. Far exceeds expectations in that department. Pool and hot tub also very clean. I have been a member of various clubs for 30+ years and this is a well run complex.

Joan R.

Really nice facility but getting increasingly lax about mask wearing. Noses sticking out of masks and no masks mock the "fitness" mission of the place. Lifetime Fitness heading toward Lifetime Sickness. Management, please open your eyes and enforce your Covid policies.

Gracefel Valdemoza-Subang

Very clean facility! More than enough machines to work on. Love the sauna. Been a member since 2004.

Peter C.

I have been a member since 2008 I went to the gym on a Friday night for half hour to do cardio. When I returned to the locker room, I heard the guy next to my locker complaining his cash was stolen right out of his locker. No signs of forced entry or anything. I checked my locker and cash was stolen (about $600). My neighbor had $620 stolen. A friend of mine who I ran into in the locker room said he saw two guys standing in front of the lockers with the doors wide open and he remembers what they looked like. I urged the people at lifetime to just check the tape and the witness can identify them. The police came and asked for manager on duty and asked her if she could bring up tape so they can review with the witness. She said she wasn't able to and they would need to come back tomorrow when a different manager comes. If you research a ton of people have had similar issues with things stolen out of their lockers. The guy next to me who had his cash stolen used to work at lifetime and said there were issues of master keys being copied or circulating!!!! This is a major problem that lifetime seems to be turning a blind eye to. They wouldn't even review tape with police. It was 7:30 pm and I'm sure it would be quite easy to pinpoint the thieves with the witness but Lifetime was unwilling to cooperate. It's become more and more frustrating that the basketball courts are completely shut down, half cardio machines, no efforts to clean equipment or really enforce any protective measures, dirty towels all over the place, stubble in sink etc. this place is probably the most expensive fitness center in the area and it's quickly becoming an unsafe shithole with theft as almost an everyday occurrence.

Samantha G.

Lost respect for this place when I showed up and about 80% of people working out were either wearing their masks under their chin or not at all. There were way too many people there no doubt and not a single working was enforcing their so called safety precautions.

Anna Gavin

amazing food as usualthe staff , service and each single detail is super wowthank you for great services that you provide for your customers

Susan Balster

I love lifetime fitness it is clean it is sanitized and social distancing and everybody wears mask. all of the instructors are amazing but CC and Cooper are the best. everybody is friendly and nice and it's a really nice place to work out you feel like you're at home.

Bill Gray

Be careful where you walk in the parking lot. Apparently members let their dogs go to the bathroom between the cars.

Debra Johnson

Absolutely Love Lifetime and my CC !!! CC is the best trainer !! And a Sweetie Pie !!

Allen Jay

Great facility & professional staff.

Jason Hammers

Amazing club! Clean, friendly staff and motivating environment!

Aseel Khatib

Horrible customer service. So unprofessional. They take your money and do absolutely nothing to help you when your car gets randomly hit in THEIR parking lot. Not willing to show you the cameras or help in anyway. General Manager shows no sympathy. Not willing to do anything to help at all. Pick a different, safer, better staffed gym.

Moe Salah

If you want horrible customer service and a business that does not care about their members; this is your place to be! By far the worst run business I have ever come across! Been a member for more then 10 years and have had enough! I have had personal belongings stolen from the locker room, my car in their parking lot was hit, my other vehicle was jumped on last year, my brothers car was broken into, and so much more has happened. The staff wants nothing to do with you and when police ask to see video footage, it’s always the same response “our cameras cannot zoom in.” DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME HERE!

Mathew J Kline

It’s nice gym but needs to step up there cleaning service. I been to others and they keep there’s clean! And the weights are in order!

Andrew R.

We always pop in here for a workout when we're in town. Huge facility, clean and well-equipped. Plenty of racks and bumper plates. Jose helped us out with our day pass and got us in nice and quick.

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