Mama Maria’s Taco and Tequila Bar

16117 South La Grange Road, Orland Park
(708) 403-3346

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Ann K.

Really good vibe and service! Drinks never disappoint! Had the Al pastor for the first time there and it was next level delicious! Try the empanadas also. Very well made.

El Cunningham

Hands down our favorite place for Mexican food in the area. The food, drinks and atmosphere will not disappoint. This is our go-to :)

Lolita H.

This was my parties first time visiting this establishment and the experience was HORRIBLE! We are from Las Vegas and saw this place driving by. We originally ordered nachos to go go but then decided to eat here after we received our nachos. We were told that you can't eat to go food in the restaurant after we received our nachos. We requested the manager to see if we could be allowed to eat our to go order in the restaurant with the rest of our food since we would be dining in. It literally took the manager 10 minutes to come to our table. When the manager Carrie gets to the table she already has a funky ass attitude. We asked her if it were possible for us to eat our nachos with the rest of our meal. She told us that she could take the nachos to the kitchen and have them transferred to a plate and sat under the heat lamp until the rest of our food came out. My daughter who is the GM of a very well known restaurant in Las Vegas informed her that this is a health code violation. I told her that the chips in the nachos would be soggy by the time our food was brought out. By this time our other food comes out. Karen removed her mask from her face and proceeds to raise her voice and get ignorant. I told her that she was rude and her behavior was not necessary, unacceptable and unprofessional. She told us that we are banned from the restaurant. We reassured her that we didn't give a damn and do not even live in the state. We requested the bill for the drinks we had ordered because we didn't want the food. She removed the food from our table, hitting me with a plate. She came back with a bill charging us for food we did not eat. Karen is a BITCH and should not be allowed to work in a customer service environment, especially as a manager. I am going to post this review on every website that I possibly can.

Jessica Sterna

The empanada was good that is why I gave the restaurant 1 star. The steak taco might have been the WORST taco I have ever had in my entire life. I took two bites out of the taco. The first bite, I bit into was a hard piece of steak. The steak was so hard that I could not even chew it and had to spit it out. It only got worse from there. The second bite, didn’t get better. Again, my steak was so hard I could not even chew it and had to spit it out. Really disappointed by my experience considering I have gone numerous times in years prior and the quality was not nearly as horrendous as my last experience. I will not be coming back until they stop using such low quality steak.

Dani Ortez

Mediocre flavors were paired with weak drinks and a dark dreary atmosphere. The food? Perhaps it is unfair for me to judge as nothing came to the table hot. I ordered a Steak Torta. The bread was not fresh and had too much of a toast on the outside, which must have come from a heat lamp. With my Torta came cold dead dry french fries. Basically the reason why people hate reheated fries was served up to me on a plate. Bon Appetit!It wasn't all bad... Well I mean for us it was, but someone got good hot food. It was a large take away order which took all of the staff's attention care and energy apparently. That order was accompanied by a hardy handshake and great customer service when they came to pick up their food. Both the manager and the chef walked out that order in several boxes with toothy grin ear to ear while our food withered under a heat lamp.I understand COVID-19 is causing all kinds of staffing shortages, but perhaps it is unfair to ask one young lady to cover both the bar and all of the front tables.tldr; Weak drinks, cold food and bad service other than that the place is great!

Craig K.

I had the super steak burrito and it was the most bland Mexican food I've ever had. There was hardly any steak, it was mostly rice, beans, lettuce, sour cream and either tomatoes or pico. What few pieces of steak were inside the burrito were not seasoned and oh so bland. My friend had the beef enchiladas roja and he thought the sauce was almost pure tomato sauce without any Mexican flavor as well. Even the salsa is very no so good. Based on this one experience, I will never come back. It's too bad as I'll be staying at a nearby hotel regularly for the foreseeable future. One good thing was our bartender was very nice and attentive.

william hartz

I enjoyed it. I've been there twice for lunch, before the lunchtime rush! I eat at the bar and enjoy a couple of adult beverages also. Nice place, and decent food. They do a brisk carry out business, as well.

Tracy McCullough

The Korean BBQ tacos are my favorite but everything is delicious here! Love the peach margaritas

C Cas

Tacos were delicious, margaritas were decent but could've been served in larger glasses instead of the small mugs

Megan S.

This is one of the best Mexican restaurants I frequented since living in Texas. Honestly everything is excellent. The pineapple marg (and any other one), guac, salsa, tacos, enchiladas, can't go wrong whatever you order. The service is excellent and we made friends with a few of the bartenders/servers. It can get really busy and popular times so plan ahead and/or be patient. I promise the wait is worth it.

Paris R.

I can't speak of the food or drinks at this restaurant. My friend and I went. The hostess answered a call after asking if it was just us two, he proceeded to take an over 5 min call while we were just standing there, waiting. Finally we decided to seat ourselves, someone brought us over 1 menu, for us to share, I suppose, we were over it and just left. I'd hate to say that it's because we were black in an all Mexican restaurant, I honestly hope that wasn't the case and it's just bad customer on the norm.

Lomeli M.

6 steak tacos and 2 Tortas total was $$$$ 80.00 dollars, garbage food

Miss Lovely

Would go back just for the unique and amazing calamari and DRINKS ??? ?Grilled calamari was so different and amazing. Next time I would LOVE to drown it in lime/lemon juice. Makes it 10X better. What I would recommend is asking for a separate plate, dabbing off the oil, and covering it generously in lime juice. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!! ???? So good! ???The drinks were just amazing!!!My man got the Cadillac Margarita (Premium El Destilador Tequila, Grand Marnier, Lime Juice, Agave Nectar, Splash of Soda water).I got the Grilled Pineapple Margarita (Muddled grilled pineapple (takes a BIT like bbq corn), El Destilador Tequila, Geand Marnier, lime juice, agave nectar.)Delicious!!!The food was okay. I got al pastor and taco belly. Al pastor was chewy and dry. Taco belly needed some more flavor, a little bland.My man got one of the fish tacos --- AMAZING!!I thought the food was overpriced but I think it has to be because of the area.I would go for DRINKS ? ? and appetizers ?? and MAX OUT ?

Wyrd Plaigh

Went for my mom's birthday on a Friday at dinner time. Great food, quick service! The steak fajita dinner will feed 3 people easy, and the drinks selection is varied and tasty. Definitely would visit again!

Jam Jam

They are not the best place when it comes to customer service but I never minded because the food is great, and I only ever take out, dined in once.

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