Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery

16156 South La Grange Road, Orland Park
(708) 635-0030

Recent Reviews

Crysstal Robinson

Slow service decided to cancel the appetizer after waiting 45 minutes. My steak was bland & mash potatoes were luke warm lost my appetite. Just got a to go box well at least the name is fitting.

Lynn Flynn

Good food, Great service, Gluten free burger! P.S. Outdoor dining available too!

Dorene Graham

zero stars. Very lack luster menu, weak drinks and poor service. Nothing good on menu, wings were not available. We barely finished the weak drinks and left. Would not recommend

Falon Chambers

Food was good, staff was great. Drink was so-so. I had the Chicken Fried Chicken with a Cucumber Margarita. Will definitely go back!

John Tipper

Used to be a frequent asset there many years ago. Their brewmaster is still there making so many tasty brews.

Victor Tirado

The sirloin no favor the nachos cool the only good is the bison sliders real goog

Caroline H.

The place looks great, I'm sure the beer is great, but the food is hugely overpriced. I got the Loaded Nachos, looks very impressive when they bring it to the table but for $15, taste was very unremarkable. I ordered the beef, which was not seasoned at all. Just ground beef thrown on the nachos. Looked good though. Table was a little sticky too.

Edwin Alday

CASSIDY WAS AMAZING! LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN ASK FOR CASSIDY SHE WAS GREAT. I have been to many restaurants and worked in 5 star hotels for many years. I like to test my servers when I dine. I believe in a dining experience. She was able to help me choose the right meal and knew her menu. She also kept checking on us. My wife and daughter also enjoyed the dining experience.

Joel Yanez (Z3r0_F0xtr0t)

Coming in, my group was able to be seated quickly. Our waitress was great and got our drinks fast, she was able to keep our orders straight. She made sure to check on us frequently while waiting for our food to be prepared. The only thing that was lacking was that our steaks were overcooked compared to what we asked for. I would still be willing to give them my patronage.

Dave B

Visiting with Friends. Beer and drinks were good. Had the Avocado Chicken sandwich. Liked it. Waffle fries were a little to crisp for my taste. Waitress was very attentive and Cordial.

Alyssa Bott

They updated the menu, must have been recently. I'm always happy when we visit this restaurant! We got the beer battered pretzel bites and they are AWESOME! Great staff and awesome food.

Paul M.

New menu, small portions with big price tags. The food sounds good on paper , but the taste and quality completely falls short. .

William Brown

Mixed thoughts on this place. This was our first time dining here and the food was great but the service was on the very slow side. I don’t know if was because it was a Saturday night and was very crowded or if in these times, they were under staffed. But the food and drinks made up for the slowness in my opinion. First off this is a microbrewery so I of course had to sample the beer so my first drink was the Line Drive Lager. It was a very light a fruity beer with a strong taste of orange. My second beer was Devil’s Thumb. This was an ale with a hint of an IPA taste and was also good. We ordered appetizers which was nachos with beef, cheese and Jalapeños which was very good. So good that I was late taking a picture of it until it was half way eaten. We also ordered calamari which was also good. Not chewy at all and the sauce was excellent. I order the rib-eye which I ordered medium and it was cooked perfect. Now for the bad side. It took so long for the appetizers to come out that the manager came by and apologized and said they were backed up being a Saturday. A few minutes later he had to do the same thing for the table next to us along with another table a little later. This is why I think they were under staffed. I would have given a 5 star review if it wasn’t for the excessive weight time.

Donald Evans

Great atmosphere. Service was great, not a big menu however my fish tacos were very delicious

Sean Paulausky

Food was amazing and our server was more than helpful and attentive!! Wonderful place to eat and try a few craft beers.

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