White Castle

15801 S Harlem Ave, Orland Park
(708) 532-3846

Recent Reviews

Brian Mulligan

Local Whitey's, average wait times in drive thru. Restaurant cleanliness is the drop of 1 star. The food stacks up to the normal white castle standards. Best marinara sauce of any fast food joint in my opinion. Had a 2.99 special for 12 chicken rings my last time rolling through.

Tomas Araujo

Price is definitely going up, but when I was a kid they were only $0.25

The Pretend John

Decent for when I'm heading home after a bender

Keith “N.” M

What you'd expect. Fast and hot food

Duane Heer

Going to White Castles is one of the most pleasing experiences of my life ?

Robert M

Asked a simple question on how much a sack of 10 white castles were. Woman on the other end quoted me prices for cheeseburgers. I did not say cheese. She sat there and I said can you please answer the question. I want without cheese. There was no response at all. I got very angry . Now what do u do ? I left without eating . This is not the 1st time at this location. Sometimes you will sit at the drive thru window for 3 minutes or more without anyone coming to speak with you. White castles used to be one of my favorite places . Now all you get is a hassle here. This was around 2pm. Stay away. Ill eat somewhere else from now on they can keep there overpriced burgers.

king jelly

It's pretty good it's s regular white castle it's not the best nor the worst.

Kelly V

SHAMEFUL. I ordered sliders to be delivered to my wedding reception at Silver Lake several days in advance. I was told by this location they work with Silver Lake all the time. We agreed on a time a few hours after dinner was served for the sliders to arrive as a late night snack. The sliders arrived when the wedding was completely over. My fiancé and I were HUMILIATED after hyping up our guests for White Castle that never even arrived. We got the sliders for free, but the damage was done; we had no guests to eat the stupid sliders. Wish I could give zero stars.

Nadine Wozniak

Love to treat myself to a white castle now and then.

Christopher Morton

Good greasy food. Miss them in Cleveland.

Floyd Robinson

The onions rings I order was fun and good. Thanks a lot.

Jayvon Bentley (Wbl vonny)

Going through midnight the food and service is pretty good the drive-thru could be quicker.

Jayvon Bentley

Going through midnight the food and service is pretty good the drive-thru could be quicker.

Renzsy Austin

They forgot I ordered food and didn't offer a item for inconvenience. Last to get my food.

Linda Sextion

This location, food fresh and hot, and very good.

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