Ali Baba

139 Sundae Dr, Rockford
(815) 484-9200

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April Cooley

Very good food and very friendly staff.The young lady behind the counter was very helpful.

Crystal Crumpacker

The food was very good and tasty. However the state of cleanliness was horrific. After ordering for indoor dinning I went to use the restroom which looked as if it hadn't been cleaned for days. I let the gal at the register know. After 45 minutes it was still not cleaned and the mens room was just as bad. Terrific food but won't return due to the cleanliness and I haven't even talked about the not great service from the gal working the register.

Anna Pickering

Great food but service is pathetic. I was the only one at the restaurant, I waited 45 minutes just to get my meal. The girl at the register just stood there flirting with one of the staff member the whole time. I could hear the bell ringing from the kitchen to pick my food up but no one seemed too bothered to pick it up until I gave her a very stern look.

Shariq Sheikh

Average food with subpar customer service. I ordered a few things for the family and sat in for the food. While ordering i stressed that i would like my gyros well done and spicy and wanted the fries seasoned. I was verbally assured of it. When the food arrived, the gyros was neither well done nor spicy and the fries were plain. When i went up to the counter to complain about it, i was told “ you haven’t event tried it” and above all for the fries, during this pandemic, as opposed to serving me another order of seasoned fries, they took the existing fries from my plate to season it. Looks like they have zero experience of running a food joint in this country!

Marie M.

We drove into to Rockford during a big rainstorm tonight and were starving. We ordered delicious Mediterranean Food online from Ali Baba, and the Door Dash driver never appeared to pick up the food. The manager got into the car and drove it over to our hotel himself! Food was delicious and you cannot beat that type of service!! If I am ever in Rockford again, I will eat here!!

Lori Seekamp

I adore this food! So grateful for this place I visit every chance I get!

Rinku Patel

The food is good. But the girl at the register is awful! The worst customer service. I wouldn’t go back because she is so rude.

Nathaniel B

I've been trying to find a good shawarma place since traveling to the Middle East. If you've never tried something like this before, try the chicken shawarma platter. It's FANTASTIC for a first time Shawarma eater.10/10 WILL visit again.

Doreen A.

This place was wonderful! They paid attention to every detail, whether a small request, or special accommodations with special needs. I love when a place adds all the dips and sauces, without having to ask, (because it is suppose to come with it). And they did! And you can tell they looked at each dish, and thought how can I make it better, or taste better? The tabouleh was the best I've ever had (so fresh and bright), and the kafta was pretty tasty, again, some of the best I've had. That is saying a lot, because I used to live in Streamwood, IL, and have tried plenty of the Mediterranean restaurants, AND my mother-in-law is Lebanese. She grew up in Lebanon, and has made these dishes for years. She also makes the kibbe and spinach pies, which when I saw them on the menu here, I knew I had to try them! I've never seen them offered at other places. Both were delicious! The meats had the fabulous smokey hint of taste, tender and juicy. The rice was delicious! Again, tasted like a secret ingredient was added to make it like no other, and just pleasing to the palate. Just subtle hints of flavor, but are noticeable, and make a world of difference. The yogurt and cucumber salad was nice and cold, creamy and refreshing. The hummus was yummy! Pita bread was light, fluffy and soft. Even the red onions were tasty with the seasoning they add. What usually draws me to order Mediterranean food, is my craving for falafel with tahini sauce. If there was any downer to the meal, this was it. The falafel was too spicy for me. My eyes teared up, and my tongue was burning (even with the sauce). My husband tried one, and just said "wow" and grabbed his water and said "that's hot". He only had one. I don't know if they have a mild version or not. The other thing is DoorDash shows a nice assortment of baklava for the 60 count. I ordered the 20 count. I thought I'd receive a couple of each design/style, but I mostly got 2 kinds and then 3 singular different pieces of baklava. It is very delicious. It's not heavy and syrupy like others. It's light, and not too sweet and just delightful. So, service was wonderful. The staff was friendly and accommodating to our requests. The food was delicious, and was kicked up a notch! The take-out was packaged with care. No items missing-perfection. The food was so satisfying and filling. Even hours later, my tummy is warm and happy, and I have an overall feeling of contentment! lol I will be back! I won't be ordering the falafel, which is sad, because it's one of my fave's, but I will be back to try all the other dishes they offer. Maybe I will ask if they have a mild version of falafel. Great food, great people...can't ask for much more than that!

Stefanie Kintzle

The food was amazing! I attended a group event there and I will be going back, the rice and falafel and pita‘s were delicious! Thank you for great service.

Lance Myers

Great food tonight! Food that I don't typically purchase, but will definitely return again. They hosted an event for our private party tonight and were fabulous on the accomodations and the food. The owner was very polite, as well were the rest of the staff. They answered all our questions about the buffet they set out for us. Thank you Ali Baba team for a wonderful evening!

Katrina Nguyen

Thank you to your staff for great service for our group event. Great food. Highly recommend!

Calzone313 X

First time here and it really changed my prior opinion of this style of food. I thought I didn’t like it but it turns out I’ve just never had the right falafel! It was delicious and the pita bread was also amazing, so fresh! Very friendly staff as well...I’ll be back!

Cindi Himmel

Went for a group dinner. Loved the food. Will definitely be going back. Loved their chicken and rice.

B Mead

Good food that is different from other places I have been. Loved it

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