280 N Perryville Rd, Rockford
(815) 381-1010

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Steph B

We've done lunch and dinner many a time. Most recently tried their breakfast. Hash browns were great. Tried the breakfast chicken burrito. Very good, but I'd probably try the sausage next time around. My daughter loves the biscuits and sausage. Can't ever go wrong with the original chicken sandwich for lunch or dinner. Oh and you gotta try their Mac and cheese. Service is unmatched.

Ted Horton

One of my favorite fast food stops. Chicken was delicious. Am always amazed at the friendliness and courtesy of your employees. Makes for a pleasant dining experience.

Monifia Tingling

I usually get the nugget meal and I’m usually satisfied with my order but today was not the day . They gave me 7nuggets instead of 8 . 7!!!!!. I ordered 8 piece nuggets not 7! . One time they gave me 6 price instead of 8 and gave me a lil bit of fries so I guess at that time they were running out

Tracen Cockeram

I stopped at this Chick-fil-A for some lunch for me and my family while on a road trip back from Florida. We were treated with kindness and professionalism. The food was amazing for a "fast food" restaurant. I always get the grilled chicken club sandwich. Very good! The lady that gave me the food when I got up to the drive thru window was friendly and helpful. There was a gentleman working next to her. He was doing something else but still acknowledged me and asked me how my day was going. No matter which Chick-fil-A location I go to, I have always experienced excellent food and beyond amazing service!Thank you!

Ozzie Os

Great food. They do chicken well. I had grilled chicken and my granddaughter has breaded chicken sandwich. Both were good. Fresh bread. We both had waffle fries. Service good. Place clean. Kids had fin playing.

Mark Denning

Like gluten free options and the new tea.Staff always friendly.Seem to not get sauce requests in order most of the time

Adan Cortez

The best food ever is so so delicious and good and amazing flavors ??? no lie we strongly recommend it to everyone we love it ?? thanks Chick-fil-A

Misty H

Ordered a Large fries & 2 combo grilled chicken sandwich.Fries were not filled......A LARGE WAS NOT A LARGE...sit it next to the medium, same amount!! I should of took pics!!Fries were not warm to touch & bendy

Leslie Verhagen

Since this restaurant has opened I have been very pleased. I’ve gone a hand full of times. This last time was 4/17/2022 I was very unhappy. My daughter and I ordered the grilled chicken club sandwich. Both of them were cool. I can’t even say they were warm at all. Whenever I ordered this sandwich in the past it was made right after I ordered it. This time it seemed like both of the sandwiches have been sitting for awhile. Not very happy


i absolutely love this place but sometimes they get lazy and usually the spicy deluxe chicken is fresh but the bread is cold and the cheese is not melted at all .. but overall the food could be good most the times

Shelly Crosby

wow worst experience ever- if this is what an order of the nuggets should look like I wonder how they can stay in business- the chicken sandwich was a little better but I think I will continue to go to Wendy's or Culvers

Melissa Cooper

My order was carryout. I was served a spicy chicken sandwich. The chicken sandwich looked like it was in the hold drawer too long and/or overcooked.The staff was 'chaotic', unable to visually locate a member of management. I should've initially gone to Culver's as intended but wanted to try this location since I've never visited. The waffle fries were warm but 'stale', as if they were sitting under the lamp too long.I would've turned around and came back I was tired and on my way home from a long day, working (2) jobs. Overall, not a good experience...

Adriana Diaz

The service is great! The staff were nice! I know the chicken sandwich it's great. But I also ordered the tortilla soup for the first time and it was excellent! I'll recommend this place to my friends!

Alice Hardin

It wasn't good bad slow sevice

Storm Arashi

The first time ever trying them and holy hell it was NASTY AF. The food was old, cold, greasy, the chicken wasn't even crispy, it was soooo salty, I couldn't finish it and normally I love fried chicken but this was awful. We had it delivered and I refuse to believe it''d become cold in a short 7-8 minute drive when I've gotten taco's in the SAME PARKING LOT and they were still burn my mouth hot when I opened them at home. This was the WORST chicken I ever had.

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