280 N Perryville Rd, Rockford
(815) 381-1010

Recent Reviews

Michael Bettner

It's Chick-fil-A, it was delicious. Service was fast and employees were extremely courteous and helpful.

Jason Brinkmeier

Polite crew (smiling and courteous working in DT while it sprinkling). Food was ready when I got to the window. There was almost a problem with my beverage but window employee caught it, got it corrected, and even apologized for the delay.

Brian Remmers

I had the spicy chicken sandwich. Awesome. Service was fast. A little pricey.

Jeffrey Stacks

Very fast considering the drive thru line. Great fries and deluxe sandwich.

Delora Smith

They must have the fastest drive through in Rockford. My husband and I love their cobb salad. Everything is always fresh and delish. The chicken is good too.

Reed Davis

It's good. But nothing special. Well the chicken good fries for waffle arent

Joshua Blackwell

I had the spicy chicken sammie and it was very fresh and tasty. A little odd with how many cars in the drive-thru, which led to some confusion with my Aunt's order. Waffle fries are interesting. At least unique. I also like the ice dream. Quick service for how many customers. But I'm sure if you like Chick-fil-a you don't read reviews about it!

Jenny lee Jones

Was disappointed. This particular chick fil a didn't have the regular chicken tenders only spicy. Spicy was okay but nothing conpared to the regular tenders. Fast and friendly service though just need to bring those back I don't think everyone likes spicy.

Amber Kotecki-Neill

This was the first time we had gone there and we were really looking forward to it... they were busy, but we had no worries that it wasn't anything they couldn't handle. When we got our food they messed up BOTH of our orders and needless to say they were simple instructions i.e. no tomato and no mayo on mine and my boyfriend wanted everything... he got lettuce and that's it and I got tomato and mayo and I was soooooooo unhappy with the service not just because of the food but because the gentleman taking our order acted like it was an inconvenience for us to ask what was on the menu and what came on it... needless to say if there was an option for negative stars I would be giving them. We will not be returning.

Shelby M.

These are just the nicest people in the world, hands down. If they even sense you're having a bad day, they will cover your meal at no cost. Not saying that's policy here, but we've experienced so many free meals here for the simplest reasons. Something as simple as typing the wrong name on the order. They're just the best, their service is excellent, and ofcourse the food too!

Jordan Grillo

I love Chick-fil-A there food always Normally hits the spot but recently I've seen these videos of the chicken going around and haven't ate there but much love for the oreo shakes ?

David Navarro

I always get excellent service here. I've used the curbside ordering and have gotten perfect orders. The staff is friendly and willing to help

Jeannie Doescher

They were very busy and had full two lane drive thru but you would have never known because we were in and out right away. We sat outside and the staff came in and asked several times if we needed anything......super nice. Great work

Lisa Berglund

I, personally, enjoyed the meal. Typical fast food. My OH thought it was overpriced for what he got. Gluten free options

Casey Flaherty

I got a south west salad. The salad over all was good. However this salad comes with spicy chicken. I was unaware of this. The chicken was too spicy for me to enjoy. I will not order anything spicy from here again. Also the wait was 15 to 20 mins through the drive thru.

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