Chipotle Mexican Grill

751 S Perryville Rd, Rockford
(815) 397-8688

Recent Reviews

Staci Barton Townsend

Rude workers. Our queso was spilled all over the bag. Taco shells were all broken. Will definitely not be going back


Really good service to me and my aunt. My aunt has many allergies and they helped and kept her food from being cross contaminated 10/10 would recommend

Dawn Camacho

The food was cold. They ran out of steak and asked us to wait for more. However he already put the beans and rice on burrito. Employee was gonna use same burrito once the meat was done. First time and last. Perryvile location

Pablo S.

This location really went downhill portion are getting a lot smaller, today 7/21 the white rice was not fully cooked hard as a rock couldn't even eat my bowl what a waste of money.

Chris Campbell

Always easy in and out. Food is very consistent, servers are quick and efficient

Melissa Ouellette Kurth

They are rude, rude, rude! Also, you have to practically beg for extra lettuce. Not to mention, if you pay for extra meat, they give you a miniscule amount but still charge for extra. Oh, and this location is always filthy.

Varo Fence Co.

Been kinda short on the meat lately… usually really good all around. 4/5 ⭐️

Camesha N

I go to this location often, lately they haven't been having coins. No sign up stating to pay with card unable to give change.. I was due back change after my order and was told by cashier unable to give me back my change. It seems odd, no sign stating that and I wonder how many customers are getting beat out their change. I know it seems like a small issue, but it's not it's my money! This issue needs to be looked into at this location!!

Michele Perez

Chipotle needs to better their delivery system. The self serve delivery station is not only confusing since they only show the last names and delivery drivers can only see the customer’s first names, but also food is never brought on time. But the worst part is that it makes it super easy for anyone to just steal the order. This doesn’t happen in other restaurants where each driver checks in! Chipotle... you can do better!!!

B Wads

Food was fast and hot. Service was good and kind. Line was not long like it usually is.

Bigger behind the trigger

It's not as good as the one in Denver on Speer and Broadway. The food taste the same but the Denver store has that Denver flavor. It's weird but it's all good. I remember seeing the lady and her son that own the chain at the Rockford store when it opened and they were training everyone on how to do the magic that they use for their food.Two thumbs up from me.

Adriana Diaz

The food was excellent! The staff were nice. The food was on time and freshly cooked ? when I picked it up. Keep up the excellent work!! ?


I very much enjoyed my experience here. Good food made it somewhere to visit again!

Ivan G.

Third time in a row from this location. Order was messed up and there is nothing they can do. The problem being it's a online order and they can't make the orders correct.

Jamie Coats

My girlfriend and I found a bug inside her burrito and the chips were dripping grease. The management was really professional and gave me a refund. Just was a terrible first time experience for my girlfriend.

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