6795 E Riverside Blvd, Rockford
(815) 316-3473

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Jet Gramma

I don't give many 5 star ratings so you know I liked this place Just moved here, drove past and decided we wanted pizza. Staff was very nice, polite, friendly and professional. Food was great and so were drinks. We will be back to try so many other recommended menu items!

Marybeth S24

The staff overbooked the restaurant on Saturday August 21, 2021. We waited 45 minutes for the waitress to take our order. Then it took 1 hour to be served. There were 8 at our table so this was an expensive meal.The owner- manager was not there which is what I believe was the problem. That should not be an excuse because I’ve had great meals other times when he was not present. In addition I special ordered a $50.00 gluten free cake which was just average.

Blair Gates

The place looks nice. The food was amazing as well as the service.


The food was fabulous and seating was socially distance. The waitress, Theresa was excellent and answered all my questions for my dietary restrictions/ allergies. I had several options for gluten and dairy free and had a fabulous dessert!!!


Dinner reservation, seated immediately. Summers ghost cocktail I ordered off the menu was unavailable because they were lacking the ingredients. I had this last time and loved it so I was disappointed. Ordered a rum cocktail called the hurricane in lieu of, and was happy with it. Oysters were decent but there were some visible shell fragments on a couple of the oyster meats. Duck dates were mushy and overcooked but they tasted fine. Had the ratatouille crepe. Crepe was perfectly cooked and delicate. A bit more filling would've helped but it tasted pretty nice. The lady ordered a steak, mushroom, spinach pizza. It was fantastic. Flavors were great and the crust matched. Never had a bad pizza at Greenfire. Our server was attentive and friendly.

Peter T.

Low quality ingredients, pizza crust tasted like cardboard, cheese was gross. Prosciutto on pizza tasted like lunch-meat. I made myself throw up when I got to the hotel room bc my stomach was so upset. Side salad was a chopped up iceberg with a few veggies thrown on top. Not worth the cost at all. 10/10 would not return.

Cristina M.

Nice dining option in Rockford. Our server was extremely helpful and friendly! Food was great! I had the filet which was delicious. Another person in our party had the special which was the walleye. She actually got the last one ! It was very tasty. I would also recommend the classic cheesecake for dessert!

Octavia F.

This was not worth the money u spent. The waiter constantly being rushed through my meal by my waiter. U constantly having to explain no I'm not finished with that. Found foil in my food to get explained it happens for $300. Nevertheless it was not enjoyable.

Lisa W.

Sorry, but I can do way better elsewhere for that money My friend wanted to try this place after hearing about them. I am into oysters on the half shell and told her ok. We had a good waitstaff, they handled everything as expected. My friend ordered the shrimp Dijon, It was served with barely warmed white bread. The Dijon was good. I told my waitress, I knew my oysters, and how were the James River ones they had for $18/6. She assured me they were good. I received the pictured item, They were sized from very small to a huge shell, not a standard size for the plate. The small ones were unacceptable for size. Here is the bigger problem, they were dry and had shell in the oyster. I am not sure if they were shucked much earlier, or drained? I told waitress, she sent manager(?). He listened politely, asked if I wanted something different. (No, I came for them).They should not have charged me for that mess, but did. Entrees- ordered the pasta with shrimp and lobster or Crepe with the same. We were told they were out of lobster. Changed to Raviolli with added charge for Shrimp. Pretty heavy handed with the sauce, but the asparagus gets lost when cut to the size of scallions. We loved the lemon blackberry cake for dessert. Total bill including one drink. $77 before tip. Way too much for this meal. Stick to Pizza here, however I saw lots of people getting boxes for that too. Sorry, but I can do way better elsewhere for that much money.

William Emmert

Different from your normal restaurant. Somewhat unique dishes. Very tasty. Excellent wait staff. A little pricey, but the quality of the food made it worth it. A restaurant I will go to on occasion, but not regularly. The prices are about one third higher than the nicer restaurants I regularly go to.

Matthew F.

Overhyped and overpriced. It seems like the people working there hate their jobs, which doesn't make the customer service that great. I have no idea how a place where the food is so mediocre remains popular.

Lauren S.

Awesome pizza! Awesome desserts! A little pricy, but the pizza was worth it. Atmosphere and waitress were great. We will totally be back to try some of the other pizzas offered.

A M.

Waiter was overworked and seemed like she wanted to quit. The food quality was poor and overpriced for their portion sizes. The chicken pizza was flavorless. I had high expectations.

Steve G.

Greenfire bruschetta was delicious! Cajun shrimp bacon pizza was fantastic! Our AMAZING server ERIN - was spot on! Service was great and staff was friendly! Will be back for sure!

Deb S.

This is one of my favorite places to eat. Good food and decent prices. Service is decent as well. I would recommend this to others.

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