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grace shanks

Inconsistent Happy Hour times... One IN-Store sign says 2-10, the menu IN-store says 3-9, and the menu online stays starts at 3... We arrived at 9:30, and they wouldn't allow us to order from the Happy Hour menu... :/ Disappointed.

Debra Ryko

Just okay, small menu, meals on menu way too large for small appetite. Had to ask for utensils, salt and pepper and refills. Plenty of staff, just fair customer service. Food was good though.


Our waitress took our order without writing anything down. I'm impressed when my order comes out correctly. I asked for eggs over medium - they were runny. I asked for crispy bacon - it was limp. I was only given the option of white or wheat toast, choose wheat - it was white. My son's omlet was good he said.However she never came back after dropping off our check and we needed a to go box. Usually good service and food.

Kris Wall

We stopped for breakfast this past Saturday. There was 4 of us in our group. We were promptly greeted and seated. We ordered our meal and while it took a little longer than expected, we were okay with it.The food was okay at best. Edible but nothing to write home about. Pancakes were good. The issue that I had was that our bill was $54.00 minus tip. Coffee was $2.99 per person. The same price as the soft drinks.I suggest unless you absolutely love going to IHOP, think of a better, more affordable, place to go.We live out of town. We could have went some where across town from us and have a better meal for half of the price with tip included.I understand that things are going up, but it was not worth $62.00.

Alyssa Horner

Boy where to start. Well for one we placed our order online so it would be quick and easy. We ended up waiting for a total of thirty minutes for them to bring out the order, not including the time we gave them to get it ready. So we called and this lady told us it would be right out. Waited another 15 minutes. Then my fiance went inside to ask for the food and it was just sitting on the warmer. Ready to go. So we get the food and we realize there is no gravy on my country fried dinner meal. And they didn't even give us any syrup for our pancakes. So my fiance goes back in to grab the gravy and syrup but he comes back and all he has in the bag in ICE cold gravy colder than the strawberries that we got for our pancakes.and no syrup. Needless to say we are not going back there because they can't even take the simplest orders.

Colleen Quinn

Great place! Happy to have IHOP as a Christmas Day option. Waiting area was packed when we got there. Were told 20-25 minute wait. Seated within 10 minutes. ? great wait staff! Friendly and professional even during a busy holiday!

D Kirkwood

The food was horrible, I don't know who the cook was, but they need more training.. The steak was so tough I couldn't cut it, the eggs were burnt. The waitress Jessica was as bad as the food..It just doesn't make no sense to me the price they want you to pay for bad food. I hadn't been there in a long time, and today refreshed my memory on why...

Tish “Loving”

Sweet guy at the register and he had my food hot waiting on me to locate my card. So sweet. I tore that waffle right up. Lol the eggs needed seasoning like garlic powder and stuff but it was bland . Maybe they should offer a packet of seasonings other then salt and pepper. That will shake things up. Dare to be different then Denny's! Lol

Setu Shah

It’s always great to go to IHOP when you’re craving some breakfast food and this time was no different. I was craving some breakfast food and it just turns out that there was a IHOP near me and I had a craving so I went, the waiter provided everything that we asked for without having to ask again also the food was cooked well however it was a little cold but aside from that it was fine.

Jake Saiger

This iHOP was a good experience overall. Food was good except the hash browns were very over cooked and burnt. Service was phenomenal wish I could remember her name. The place was very busy but she was on top of it easily. Restaurant was clean and well kept. I will definitely be back!

Tiffany Hart

Tried to call and place a order, lady left the phone never came back waited 15 minutes.I keep trying to call and I’m getting a busy signal. Guessing she just left the phone off the hook.


Table service was top knotch, friendly, communicated clearly. Hosted checking in was not clear with instructions, spoke extreamly fast Althea while not facing me. I understand masks do contribute to communication issues, understanding this, I would believe management would identify this as a possible customer service breakdown, some coaching would assist the employee who I believe was doing the best job she could, as she understood it.

Tara Powell

We had the whole place to ourselves for my grandsons first birthday dinner!! Service was great, food was delicious and baby got a free scoop for his big day! Thanks a bunch for making it extra special!!

Jasmine Goble

It's IHOP you go there for cheap American food and they deliver surprisingly high quality food and service for the price. It's sit-down/diner quality food at fast-food prices. The staff at this location were clearly overworked but did their best even when a large party was unruly and rude - they remained the picture of professionalism. Seriously, kudos to them.

Carol Phillips

waited at the door almost 10min. 3 people saw me no one attempted to seat me. the place was not busy. my chicken sandwich dropped in grease that must of not been changed for a week. Burnt outside not cooked inside. waitress dropoed food and never checked back, slid my check to me.. went ti oay looked like she had a purse put my money in it & took change out for me. was kind weird due to kid before her used register. but in watching another white gentleman elderly was treated at the door just as i was...If hispanic you received great sevice.

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