Lung Fung Perryville

2209 S Perryville Rd, Rockford
(815) 484-9886

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Marwan Hamza

Great food and good customer service

Debra Mcgehee

This restaurant has the potential to be great however they are holding theirselves back with greed. Customer service is friendly and the food has a good flavor. The problem with Lung Fung is that you pay a price for your dinner in my case beef and Pea Pods. I literally had 5 very small pieces of meat and 6 pea Pods. You do not get what you are paying for. The food has a great taste but you better buy extra because all I got was onions and corn in gravy! This is not the first time this has happened. I have actually given them 3 chances having different food and it’s always the same. To bad as this place is convenient but not at all with the money.

Yosh Lee

The Pad Thai was a little different then what I am use to. Egg rolls used to be really good. The service was the best thing.


Shrimp with lobster suace lunch.. I don't know what this is supposed to be but it was awful.. I took two bites of the rice and egg roll then packed it back up and took it back. They refund me with no problem, but took the food to the back. You should have thrown it away in the front. I wouldn't be surprised if they would try and reuse this because it even tasted reused.I've never ate here before so I don't know what the rest of there dishes are like(I didn't even eat one shrimp) but I'd highly advise not eating here. Oh and there was a couple random small pieces of chicken in there too... I didn't order chicken. But again I probably was gonna be eating reused old food.Edit: I changed from one star to a three.. Because I'm not mad at the moment as the time.. I may have not liked the food but I'm sure others do. So for that... It is what it is. But besides my slight anger from above my comments still stand.. The food just wasn't for me. And I'm not sorry for that?‍♂️

Sus Wa

Still no dine-in. Take out okay with us. Enjoyed chicken chop suey and steak kow

SunnyD N

I read a lot of bad reviews on this place, however my experience was pleasant. I ordered for delivery, they said within the hour which was accurate. It arrived very hot and fresh. I ordered an egg roll which was delicious, and Chicken Pad Thai which had lots of chicken in it and was tasty.

beverly romeo

It was the Worst Chinese food ever and very expensive we threw it all away it was that bad when I call to place an order the lady that answered was kind of rude and impatient I had never ordered anything from there so I had no idea what their food was about as far as what to get I absolutely won't order from there again

John O.

I placed an order online and selected to pay for it CiP or Credit in Place. The restaurant called me and my phone treated it as a sales call and did not ring. After the time for delivery had passed I called the place was was told that my order had been canceled because they did not have my credit card information. If I wanted to placed the order again I would have to wait another hour and a half for delivery. If they want to accept credit cards then update your system. Their web site seriously needs to be updated especially if they want more delivery orders. Plus they doubled the delivery fee recently. $5 is not much but appears to gouge the customer to make more money.

Ann Skurkis

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME FOOD!!!! Just tried your food and everyone was right!! Before we moved here two weeks ago I used to order from the same place for 25 years, when I find a great place I stick to it. You everything I had was delicious and fresh and delivered in a timely manner, we were all very happy. Will be back for more most definitely ❤️?

Herb Myers

Bought dinner for the crew last night we had Lung Fung chicken excellentthe general chicken was excellentthe general shrimp was excellentthe two guys that had the veggie platters all that was excellentA little too much breading on the Cantonese shrimp thoughNote on menu has special order for low salt. No msg. No sugarSo this place is catering to them allReally. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ six stars for this place

Brandy G

Very small portions. We could have got double the food anywhere else for what we paid. More vegetables than meat in the orange chicken. Will not be returning.

Royce R.

The Pineapple Chicken that I ordered was nothing but Sweet and Sour Chicken. No pineapple at all. The sauce was way too sweet. The fried rice was just plain white rice with soy sauce added. It was honestly THE worst Chinese food I've ever attempted to eat. It was so bad that I wouldn't even give it to my dog and threw it in the trash instead.

Mike Reinders

Not as good as the last time ?

Shannon Satti

I asked for hot mustard and sweat and sour and did not receive any. When I called back they said that I did not ask and that I could drive back up and get it. (30 min) same person who asked me all these questions and gave me a hard time on the phone was the same person who took my order. Fair food. Terrible service!

Linda Bice

Been going here for years, never been disappointed. Food always very good and huge helpings. Orders ready fast and always hot.

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