223 E State St, Rockford
(815) 977-5855

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Melissa Allen Young

Just not good. Service was as best as the server could do(given the fact that the owner didn’t seem to care) but it didn’t make up for the only adequate food. We love to support local but we won’t be supporting this local establishment in the future.

Kristopher Childress

Nice place in the Rockford Riverfront area. Easy to get to and parking is plentiful around the area, even with a big fair happening just over the river. The decor is nice and the waitstaff was friendly even though they were very busy. The food was absolutely amazing. Portions were perfect for the price and my whole family left happy. Definitely recommend for a date night or family night out. We will be back for sure.

Victoria Green

It was great food but definitely do not bring your small children with. It was super frustrating trying to hold my one year old while eating. They don’t have high chairs. Took him to the restroom only to find there aren’t any changing tables. The food was great, but just a warning, no small children. Definitely not the audience they were aiming for.

Athena Higgins

Our experience was great! Food and service was top notch!

Julie Weis

When I first walked in, I felt like I had interrupted the waitress's napkin folding... Since I was the only person in the place for a late lunch, the service was very quick. I had The State Street roll... it was delicious!!!The decor is urban city modern with exposed brick and some of the original decorative plaster ceilings and mouldings. I would go back again.

Brittany Zimmerman

I don’t go out of my way to rate poorly on google so I guess this is saying a lot. I visited with my partner’s family - all Japanese - and we were pretty bummed by the quality and presentation. I’m from the Midwest, have had excellent sushi in rather landlocked areas, so I feel like location is no excuse for bad fish. Menu does not even contain a proper Omakase. Lowest grade cuts of fish I have ever had. My roll had toothpicks in it. Soy sauce was sitting in an oil olive dispenser, and there were no cups to dispense it into. The server brought out 6 people’s dishes within a 5-10 minute increment of one another. I would have rather waited a half hour for everyone’s food instead of dying watching my food sit while we waited for everyone else’s food to come. Such a bizarre experience.

Paulene Hendrickson

Very good food and a great atmosphere! The gyoza dumplings are great and the Chicken Ramen is so tasty!!

Meg T.

We went here on a Thursday night and we're just about the only customers. We all ordered ramen. I liked the idea of it, but the regular level of heat still had me choking and making my nose run. I could barely eat it. The shrimp were definitely over cooked. I did have a cocktail that was very tasty, a cucumber lime sake drink. I would probably try this place again, hopeful the extreme spice was a fluke.

Sasha Smith

Loves loves loves it here. I order take out at least once a week!

John Ree

Seating was quick, the waitress took our drink order and then Shortly after we got a chance to order, I ordered the seafood ramen and 2 pieces of sashimi fatty tuna. The seafood ramen was incredibly hearty and spicy, very umami, the noodles were tender and just right and everything else was done so well. If your not used to spice this will border uncomfortable but still very very tasty. The sashimi however came as sushi, either way it was made extremely well and the tuna was extremely fresh and savory and just absolutely delicious, it was the melt in your mouth experience I know so well and it was far from disappointing, so delicate but yet a powerful experience, one I say anyone should try. A great place to stop by and get lunch, you may have to waive your waitress down however since she very seldomly came by.

Preston B.

This place was awesome. Went in with tempered expectations and were blown away with the quality and creativity of their dishes and excellent service. Even on a busy Friday night they were able to seat us at the bar without a reservation. We played it safe with crab Rangoons as an appetizer, a couple tempura rolls, and a teriyaki salmon dinner. They knocked it out of the park with all of them. Add a pair of drinks and a bill just over $50 and I'd call that a successful date night. We will be back!

kris peterson

I'll put them up with Shogun as the best sushi in the area. The tuna tartar is the best I've had, and their 815 roll is wonderful! Such a great place downtown, we love going there them wandering around shopping.

Joshua Hurliman

Great Sushi place. Very authentic and very good portions. Highly recommend for any Sushi lover!!

Chris Stilson

Beautiful modern look. Eat inside or outside. I can only rate a three because I only have been the for a Uber delivery. Can't say how well the food is.

Marie C Nlend

Great Sushi ( 815 Roll) is delicious

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