Panda Express

7200 Harrison Ave, Rockford
(815) 332-3309

Recent Reviews

Juan Castile

Love the orange chicken!

Calvin Gibson

I've been to many pandas, and I usually like the location, but this one is BAD. The woman ripped me off claiming that I'd given her a$10 and not a $20, so they overcharged me. On top of that, their Beijing Beef is different. They serve it spicy unlike other locations. I don't like belching fireballs, so this was unwelcome. I'd advise against this one. They also don't give you salt with your order.

Brett Williams

Quick eats. Decent food .

Sandy G.

Really good food

Colleen Jennings

A fav spot for chinese food. the bill was fair for the quality of the food. feels similar to a restaurant in new york i loved.

Donna McIntosh

Very nice staff

Candice Murphy

Love this place

Leonel Ochoa

I hate Chinese food.

Reena Siciliani

I am addicted to this place! Every time I go they are beyond swamped- and yet I never have to wait more than a few minutes. Food is always fresh and staff are always courteous!

nessa Shafala

This place used be so good now it sucks and way over priced

Rachael Clem

This place charges too much for food that sucks!


shayla looks like a potato

Ricky L.

Very very Dry noodles. The orange chicken tasted normal and great service from workers

Tara Vargas

Counter was sooo sticky. When I mentioned it to employees, the kid at the register "angel" laughed and continued to clean under his nails and pic at them instead of grabbing some disinfectant and cleaning the counter.

Quincy Bevineau

Shyla is FINE. 😍

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