Pino's on Main Pizza

2511 N Main St, Rockford
(815) 569-4340

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Very saddened to have gotten food from here and it not taste anywhere close to what it used to. Used to be my favorite pizza in Rockford. It is not so grose that ordering from here would be slim. I do not know what it is. The sauce and cheese maybe? Anyone else taste the god aweful difference? Sams is still good. I thought was the same owners? Idk Pino's go back to ur original recipe. Please.

0l blue c10

Frequent customer pizzas are good...but u gotta try the stuffed pizza....waaaay better than Giordanos and less expensive

Allen Watts

Good carry out. Picked up lasagna dinners on way home. Very good. Also picked up Italian beef sandwiches and pasta on another night. Have not been disappointed.

Taylor Griep

do not eat here !!!! manager Amy and owner who refused to give me his name ...rude , disrespectful and threatened me. said they would spit in my food after I questioned them on my bill . would not recommend.

S Andrew

Food had good tastes. We liked the pizza and spaghetti. Salad was average. Service very friendly. Didn't like the pricing. Asked for extra sauce on pizza and spaghetti but charged me 3.5 more dollars for them. Come on. We already spent 50 on dinners that's like charging for water. Make it .50 cents for a side.

Danielle Kemp

Amber is amazing all the time.its always a pleasure to see her.Her customer service skills are awesome.she deserves a raise. Her kindness goes above and beyond what she really need to and is much appreciated.

Katlyen Szymanski

Order a medium rare steak just got it not too long ago it’s like chewing shoe leather. Tried to call 5 mins untilClosing they don’t answer!! I spent 53.00 on a steak, bake potato and 3 Dr. peppers.. only to get a well fine steak!!! Never again!! Some one is there they just closed answer the phone pinos!!! My order is messed up all the way

Kiara Howard

Makes the best Cheese-less pizza in town! I’m Lactose intolerant but still like to enjoy pizza every blue moon! Full of sauce and cooked to perfection.

Kristina Felix Farrah

horrible customer service!!!! they have the rudest phones girls ever!!! I always order from there and they for some reason can never calculate the total on the phone with me they always have to call me back and lately they have been taking 25-30 min to call back. they don't put your pizza in oven until they give u the total so that's another 45 min to an hour if you want delivery. they don't allow you to pay over the phone with a card you can only bring the physical card in. why can't you pay over the phone with card if your picking up they allow you to pay over the phone if your getting it delivered. I addresses my concerns to the manager last night and was told If I didn't like it I could take my business elsewhere so unprofessional and this was in front of other customers

Joelene Brydon

Deceptive Pricing. Menu prices where different than bill. They tacked on a surcharge fee, card convience fee, then there was $1.00, and .50 as well. when we asked the waitress she said that was the new price of the pizza just added there since the owner didn't feel like printing new menus AGAIN. Super shady!! Won't be back ever.

kristian Stults

Great food! I just don't understand why they put their balls on it...

Debra Holcomb

Our group ordered six 18" XL pizzas....from thin crust to regular crust....with assorted toppings. Our food was so good. Our server kept our drinks full and took very good care of us.The price was reasonable and we will definetely be back.

Fresh Thrilla86

Special thank you to Kathy for opening the dine in area and Tracy, who treated us like royalty while we dined you made our night. I love spending money at restaurants like this because the atmosphere is good, the food is great and the people better.

Briana Beeks

I orders chicken Alfredo pizza . When i Picked it up and took it home and opened it the pizza was almost raw . The sauce tasted like mayo and was watery and the cheese looked like it wasn’t even cooked or melted properly . The pizza was super watery and nasty . I called back to see if I could get a free meal or a replacement, the lady said that she couldn’t do anything about it that the pizza is supposed to be watery since ,they put frozen chicken on the pizza , BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!! If your food is nasty they don’t care nd won’t accommodate you . HIGHLY DISSAPOINTED!!!!!

Jose L

Ordered here multiple times recently and it’s not as good as they used to be years ago. Something definitely changed. Everytime I would suggest pinos back then, it’s a go. Nowadays it more like, “nah let’s get Ana’s or guiseppi’s” it’s pretty saddening

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