Woodfire Rockford

408 E State St, Rockford
(815) 904-6422

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Joshua Blackwell

Went here for a special dinner with three generations of my family. Couldn't have picked a classier or more exquisitely tasty option. They've earned a repeat customer for sure. If you haven't been here, you have to try it. Fresh ridiculously local flavors abound. These guys definitely know how to take pies to the next level. It's all about the wood fired oven, obviously, but they've got everything else covered as well. Bring the credit card because it will set you back, but I guarantee you'll agree. I definitely recommend the bruschetta as your most awesome appetizer option. The tomato, basil, balsamic they give with it is like food crack. I notice when people take pics of pizzas they get here, there's always at least one slice missing, so I'm including ONE whole one. Couldn't get pics of both without someone digging in! Service was amazing as well. Please don't sleep on this downtown gem.

James Grimes

Outstanding service and pizza. They use all quality ingredients and that makes for some amazing food. We started with the coccoli, which was amazing, and the split a pizza. This fed two large male persons very well. Fresh grated parm and ice cold drinks that never ran out.Food came our really fast so if you're in a time crunch this place could probably get you in and out with a quality meal.All employees were friendly and following covid restrictions.A++++

Joshua Neel

The service was friendly and fast. We ordered the Havarti Stuffed Coccoli for an appetizer. They came out hot with a marinara sauce that was simple but tangy, all around very nice. For our dinner we had the Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza, they kindly skipped the onions and jalapeños. I'm sure it would have been great if we liked spicy pizza. It came out before we could finish the appetizer, not a problem for us. It was my first time trying this type of pizza( Ranch and chicken on

Annie McAnespie

Love! Best gluten free pizza in town!

Nicole Henderson

We ordered pizza with vegetables and pizza came without any vegetables. They said they will make us another one and they took almost 45 minutes to bring it to us. Won't be going back.

dana szabados

First time there and it was fantastic. Nice quiet astomphere. Food was great. Definitely new favorite spot

Hannah P

We ordered their red pepper and goat cheese pizza and it was delish! So good!! However, we also ordered their “imported and house made spaghetti and meatballs.” Sounded fantastic! But lets just say it wasn’t anything special. Don’t order it. The spaghetti noodles tasted like they had been reheated multiple times and the sauce and meatballs were average, it also only came with 3 golf ball sized meatballs. I guess I was just hoping that by paying $17 for 3 cups of pasta and 3 small meatballs that I’d be getting a delicious meal since the whole meal within itself probably only cost an entire dollar to make. ...we also ordered their bread pudding and I thought that was also really good. Overall, I’d probably return for their pizza but I’d never venture out and order anything other then that again. (I ordered takeout, service was great!)

Jenny L.

I ordered pickup from here at 7.30pm, and was told to pick it up around 8. When I showed up, I was told it would be another 20-25 minutes before our food was ready. Okay, sure, I get it it's a Friday night. After the time passed I went back in, and the hostess was having a full breakdown and ran off from the front. We were then told that our order was mixed up with multiple other orders, and that it would take even longer for the orders to be ready. Meanwhile, our food was sitting and getting cold and soggy while the workers were confused. When we did eventually get our food, I checked the temperature, it was all cold. The calamari was soggy and barely cooked, and the pizza was chewy and inedible. We asked for at least a refund, since the food was not in great shape, but I am too hungry to wait another hour for a replacement. The manager stated that since we already had the pizzas in our possession, he could not refund us. THEY HAD LITERALLY JUST HANDED THEM TO US. Instead, they could warm them up in the oven. This did practically nothing, as it was still chewy and inedible as you already know. Not to mention, they horribly mischarged us, and made no effort to correct this. Terrible customer service, subpar food.

Ammar A.

Margherita pizza was great, veggie pizza was not... the vegetables all seemed raw and not grilled or cooked. Will come here again to try done other pizzas due to the dissatisfaction

Andrew Jensen

Great food. Wish they took over the phone reservations. Wife and I were at city market trying to put our names down so we could enjoy the market but instead got pulled away from it to make an “in person reservation”...... doesn’t make sense. Now we’re just waiting in our car for the call...

Joel M.

We have been supporting this place since they started at City Market. Great ambiance downtown. Lately the dough has been very inconsistent and raw. The best part of the pizza IMO was the crust. The only time we were served undercooked dough was when they sold pizza at Anderson gardens, but has happened the last 2 times now at their primary location on State St. We will still go there but less often. One on my kids now refuses to eat their pizza, my other child now wants only take out and he will finish cooking the bottom dough on the toaster oven. I wonder if the oven is not working the same or the cooking technique is different?

Rich Warne

Woodfield pizza in Rockford.(5 being best, 0 being worst)Service 5 starsValue 4 starsTaste 4.75We started with the meatball appitizer. The meatball had a softer texture than I expected. The sauce, bread slices, and meatball were delicious.We all agreed the pizza here was amazing! All pizza were hand stretched 12" pizzas.The crust was airy and had a great flavor.The combo pizzas pepperoni was slightly crispy and a great flavor. The chunk sausage had a good size and great flavor. Tony Varella says the pizza paired well with a PBR!The steakhouse pizza was good. Alex Varella says that pizza was slightly better than the combo. The steak was slightly tough because it was a skirt steak. (I believe) The flavor of the steak was neutral to me. We asked for medium but it was more well done than medium. Overall it was really good.The artichoke and gorganzola was a punch in the mouth! We didn't know what gorganzola was so I'm not gonna bash the pizza for our ignorance. I was the only one who liked it. The strength of the cheese was VERY strong. Think blue cheese crumble and lemon juice with minced garlic. The artichoke pieces were great. Its not a pizza you can eat a lot of. It's powerful Taste was a lot to handle.Dessert was burbon bread pudding, Crem Brule, and zeppole (itialan donut holes)Alex and I each split a Brule and Bread pudding. They were both fantastic. I wish the bread pudding had a touch more burbon sauce and flavor but it was still great.Brule was great. Sugar was crisp and not over cooked. Cream was slightly firm and great taste.Tony had the bread pudding and liked it.Amy Warne my had the donuts drizzled with cream and chocolate sauce.. They were good. Some were soft and some had quite a crunch. She dipped them in whipped cream.I forgot our servers name but she didn't miss a thing. Never without a drink or item. She was great!Over all the bill was $104 not counting tip. With all the appetizers, pizzas, and desserts, and tip total was $130

Katherine Z

Phenomenal service. Fantastic food. Great atmosphere.

Ben L.

Great quality pizza. Ordered three different kinds and each were satisfying. The white prosciutto and arugula was delicious with generous amounts of prosciutto. The sausage with rapini and ricotta was great as well with high quality cheese and clearly homemade sausage. The margherita was simple and tasty. The crust in all pizza was soft in the middle and nice and crunchy on the outside. The pizza's are certainly worth the price if you're looking for a nice experience. My only criticism of the meal was the grilled octopus. While the octopus was fairly good, it wasn't great. The portion also felt a little too small for $14. It was not a totally disappointing dish, but not good enough for me to order again. Overall, a great place for a gourmet pizza.

Jennifer Ortiz

Pizza was delicious. Almost finished it before I remembered to take a pic. We got the Margherita and BBQ Chicken. The drinks were good. The staff was friendly and attentive. Overall a great dining experience. Will visit again when in the area! Highly recommended.

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