SemSem Mediterranean

6905 159th St, Tinley Park
(708) 620-8820

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Very disappointed. The beef shawarma had little seasoning and the garlic sauce tasted like plain mayonnaise. Also the Jerusalem salad and Tabouleh salad had way too much mayonnaise in it.

Johnny D.

Just tried this place for the first time, amazing! Was torn between the chicken shawarma bowl or the classic chicken over rice, but I went with the bowl. Absolutely delicious! I cannot wait to go back now and try the chicken over rice! So fresh and flavorful

Fredrick W.

Why wife and I went out tonight to Sem Sem we ordered lentil soup which was OK wasn't great but it was OK and we ordered chicken her with different coverings than me I had mine in a Peter and he had garlic sauce on it lettuce and tomato it wasn't bad and hers wasn't bad but nothing was outstanding everything was mediocre but would bothered us both was the place looked dirty and rundownAnd nobody in the place was wearing a mask nobody who worked there and none of the customers so I can't give this anymore than three stars

Mario Morales

Great food, finally something new and different.The flavors are fantastic and a big portions.The attention was cool.

Jessics R.

Omg I love this place. The food is always perfectly fresh, clean and healthy tasty dishes, reasonable prices . I order grub hub from them always. They have an excellent menu if you enjoy middle eastern. I had to experiment but found some great dishes. I don't even know the names. Just damn good food!

Shana S.

Tasty Mediterranean dishes! Arrived upon opening, so we had to wait for a little bit on our dishes, but everything was nice and fresh so that made up for the wait. The Gyro plate was good. My lunch buddies tried the rice plate and bowl. Will definitely go back!

Gwendolyn Brown

First time visit here. The Chicken Falafel was fresh and tasty. Loved the garlic sauce. Regular rice was ok. Next time, I would get a side of sauce to add with it. I would visit again and try the bowl next.Thanks for the tasty experience!

Jess Oppermann

Delicious Mediterranean food. Can eat as cleanly as you like and still be satisfied. Staff was super friendly and helpful.

Liam in Hungary

The website and GrubHub say you can order for delivery up to 8.30 but at 8.10 it tells you it's closed. Has happened twice now. Need to sort this out because the food is fantastic

John D.

First and foremost: the staff are unmasked despite a state-wide order. If this matters to you, then skip the restaurant entirely. The food is at once better than expected and worse. The plates (e.g. the chicken shawarma) includes options to choose lots of vegetables and sauces, but doesn't include rice. The falfel wrap offers the promise if a great sandwich with what seems like dozens of potential choices of toppings. Sadly, mine was soggy despite picking it up directly from and eating outside the restaurant.

Denise Whitehead

Friendly people, atmosphere was great my first time eating Mediterranean food, I had a chicken bowl with Arabic salad, lettuce, pickled turnips, topped with ranch dressing delicious.


I’ve been coming to this place for years. Probably eaten here 40 times. The food has stayed consistent and fresh and flavorful. Which is rare. Customer service is great too. Never had a problem. I would definitely recommend them.

Erin Johnson

This is a really popular place. The staff are super sweet. The food is AWESOME! Would so recommend this place.

Darren Hightower

Loved it. I can't wait to return

Daniel Joda

I love this place! Great, authentic food, sizable portions, fair prices and everything made fresh. But what really sets it apart is the streamlined ordering process, which honestly a lot of local Mediterranean places miss the mark on. You can order a feast and be in and out in 5min, whereas other places you either have to call and order ahead or prepare for a 20-30min wait.

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