204 W, US-20, Michigan City
(219) 879-0500

Recent Reviews

Kelly G

The meat taste funny.

Denise Peterson

Great for a quick bite to eat. I had the gyro in a bowl and it was delish.

Null Void

Love the new crinkle cut fries and the beef and cheddar. Also don't sleep on those shakes.

Angie Vera

Would have gotten 5 stars but they forgot my horsey sauce.

Frank S

No more loaded Italian sandwich. But they did have orange cream shake.

AnDrea Larkin Hendrix

Very disappointed in the skimpy Market Fresh Turkey and Swiss. Too much mayo and not enough toppings. I won't return.


They got a very large order correct. It was hot and fresh!! Kudos!

Bob Rudd

Always good food, I love Arbys.

Zombie Andrew

sometimes a little pricey, often times very slow for a fast food restaurant, but the food is consistently decent


Great beef n cheddar sandwiches; I ate 3 of them and a green mint shake

Terri Krause

Drive threw only. Went really quick. Great service.

Margie Smyers

Overpriced not worth it and the service is not good in Michigan city.

Andrew Schoff

They have many meats. Multiple kinds. Too many

jack kelley

Whatever you do plz do not eat at this Arby’s!!!! I used to work here and the general manager Dan used to drink beer in the bathroom, smoke his cart in the freezer and sleep in the office. The roast beef is usually expired but gets used anyway. I once watched an entire roast beef get dropped on the floor and then put back onto the slicer. Sad

Alex Jacobson

Slow service and then they forgot my horsey sauce even though she repeated that back to me. I had to go back and wait a while again and then my food was cold by the time I ate it

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