Bartlett's Fish Camp

12 On the Lake, Michigan City
(219) 879-9544

Recent Reviews

Radmila Manojlovich Bogdanich

We love eating at Fish Camp. Food is consistently delicious, the staff are great and always make you feel welcome. The atmosphere is relaxed and as close to the water as you can get. There are so many options to choose from on the menu and drinks/cocktails always meet my expectations. This is a must stop when we have out of town guests as well.

Diane Aaron

Might want to lay off the vinegar and oil in your linguine dish. Way too much. Otherwise it was good.

Carrie S.

My husband and I were having a weekend getaway and looking for a non-chain restaurant. We ended up picking Barrett's and I am so glad we did. The food was absolutely amazing and our waitress was great. We left there feeling like we had just had one of the best meals of our lives. The Mediterranean octopus for the appetizer was fabulous. I had a lobster roll that was super crispy and buttery with large chunks of lobster and not too heavily dressed and my husband had the bouillabaisse and said it was perfect. The calamari was also crisp and light with banana peppers and onion petals mixed in with an awesome dipping sauce. We will definitely go again

Cynthia M. Flowers

Food was delicious! Each dish was fresh and prepared with surprise elements that made the dining experience stand out. From the signature cocktails, the clam chowder then our swordfish and fish & chips nothing was ordinary! We enjoyed it all and can’t wait to return.

Jon Meyer

We stopped in for some takeout before we used the Freedom Boat Club of Michigan City. This was a last minute decision as we could not get over to our usual lunch spot. Very nautical theme throughout the entire place. They have outside dining with a view of Lake Michigan. I will do an update on their review when we dine in. This restaurant is convenient as it shares the parking lot of the Freedom Boat Club!

linda szurgot

Great service & wonderful food. Safety is a great concern for all. Huge outdoor patio.

Bethany M.

The fried fish was tremendous. The tartar sauce was good too The fries were cold. The slaw was rotten. So anyway being a bit more expensive than Applebee's or Red Robin you just expect a little better.

L B.

A small slice of real Florida on the shores of Lake Michigan. The fresh mahi tacos rivaled any we have had in our home state of Florida (where "fresh" is easier to come by). The fruits and veggies on the three tacos were fresh, flavorful and very tasty! The coleslaw was perfect- crisp, slightly sweet, and just the right amount of liquid (some tend to be runny). My husband really enjoyed his fried fish and chips. We sat on the upper deck, outside, and loved the rustic feel of the place. Our waitress was friendly, happy, attentive and helpful. The gal at check in was very helpful in assisting us with finding shirts in our sizes, as we were happy to buy merch to support this wonderful, local small business. We highly recommend them and will definitely go back, when we visit Indiana, again.

M S.

This restaurant doesn't even deserve a single star. Recommend AVOIDING. Rudest encounter my family has ever had at a restaurant. My husband and I pride ourselves on teaching our kids really great manners and respect. We were fine with the wait time, so asked the hostess if we could sit in the bar area to make sure our kids could an appetizer in them (we had been in the car all day) while we waited. We waited patiently for service. The bartenders were busy. I get it. So we waited. And waited. And waited. And everyone got served around us. Twenty minutes pass. Not even an acknowledgment from the staff. Until, finally, another server came in to the bar area. Yay! We are going to get service! WRONG. First thing she says - not even a hello - she asks if the kids are 21 or over, then rudely tells us they need to leave. Politely tried to explain hostess said we could order an app at the. Not only did she talk OVER me, she said, "yeah, well we are busy. They can't be in here." End of conversation. And she turned and walked away.

Renee C.

Awesome food and staff were very nice. Restaurant is situated on the water so made for a great evening.

Angela N. Pena

I am going to make us a five because it is very very delicious. The seating was outside, and it was very relaxing. The food was extremely delicious the menu had a wide variety of selection. The waitress was kind of rude and did not attend to us very well. Overall it was an enjoyable moment with family. I will say that the prices are extremely pricey. Pics below plus 4 drinks and two appetizers was 184.

Maureen Vopinek

The food here is out of this world! I had the lobster salad and my husband had the braised pork shoulder. And the views of Lake Michigan are outstanding. The servers and staff are so nice. But if you are in a hurry, don't bother. Everything slows down as soon as you walk through the front door.


This place was hopping for dinner. Dogs are allowed on their patio (lots of space), however, they weren't seating on the patio the night I came due to weather. Would have been nice to be outside by the water. I ordered a spicy marg and it was too spicy for me. My waitress switched it for something else which was greatly appreciated. I had fish and chips which were very fresh and perfectly crisp. Very good.

Nick Modrowski

Anything with the name Bartlett's attached to it has always been fantastic in my experience. I do missed the grilled wedge salad from the old restaurant though.

Stephanie Krane

Food was good. Service was great! We didn’t wait at all for our food. We sat on the deck and had a view of the canal out to Lake Michigan (including the industrial business across the canal).

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