Buffalo Wild Wings

5000 Franklin St, Michigan City
(219) 872-9464

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lito dan

By far the worst buffalo wild wings I been too. Where should I start , first there was no hostess when we got there waited 15 min till someone came then we were seated in a dirty table . With this pandemic I dont know how they would not clean the tables immediately and I wasnt the only one that had a dirty table . Customers in front of us also had to ask the waitress to clean their table. Every one was just running around back and forth confused. The manager really needs to get things in order. The whole place was so dirty and unorganized just a terrible experience

Elizabeth Stone

Food was great as always! Tried the new tablegate bundle, delicious! Had a problem with the AC, so it was hot, but our waitress Carole was so great, always made sure we had a full drink! She was also very attentive to us and we enjoyed having her as our waitress! Great server!

Elizia Poston

First order was done wrong...But the Store manager corrected it....an the food was awesome...great food great service ?

Jennifer L

Sadly my son's and I did not have a good experience here. We love BWW near home and I was excited to bring them to a different one and it just didn't do it. Thinking back I should have spoke to management while we were there but after 4 hours of shopping with 4 kids I was pretty worn out. Food was room temperature at best, drinks were brought to my table of 5, 2 at a time then my 5yr olds came last (we all had soft drinks not sure what happened here). My chicken tacos were actually lettuce tacos with a hint of buffalo chicken afterthought. 3 of the boneless wings were either frozen or cooked way too hard/old. Waited too long for anything, drinks, food, check, to go boxes. And at the end of it all I didn't get a pen to sign my charge slip. Maybe a restaurant off day, maybe a server off day. Not super impressed. My son's however did really enjoy the TVs as usual ?


Manager had a staff problem, yet kept seating people. We told him we were on the road and yet it took 2 hours to get our food. The poor waitress went back numerous times to the manager, who couldn't bother to come explain short kitchen staff to us in person. Carole was a great waitress, manager sucked!

Kiersten Opsahl

Van was awesome! Acted as our host because the host was nowhere to be found, was a wonderful server, and even helped out in the kitchen because they were getting backed up. Said he's only been working there for a week but he seems like a real MVP. Thank you, Van!

Melissa Shaffer

The food was the normal quality. The service was lacking. I understand it's hard to get people to work right now, but there were at least 5 servers and it wasn't very busy. Dining room was a mess all over the floor. Our waitress had 3 tables total. She took our order and didn't come back until we we almost done with our meal (a different server brought it out). Lots of goofing around with the hostess and sitting around on their phones.

Kimberly Tschopp

Wait staff was good. Food was good. Table needed cleaned when we got there but the waiter had no problem cleaning it. Very happy.

Kayla Grace

The moment we walked in there were 3 staff members and all of them ignored us. one lady finally said I'm off work but handed us our silverware, my 4 yr old a color set, and us menus and told us to follow a waitress. that waitress continued to talk and ignore us with our hands full for at least a minute or two. then lead us to a table that was dirty. the bathrooms were nasty. they smelled, floors were sticky, no paper towel. there was a worker on her phone leaning against the

Brandy Grenert

Food was ok. But service was excellent.

Fernand Brisard

This has got to be the Worse BWW I have every been to in my life. I put in a order online and they still got it wrong. And this is the second time this has happened. I order 12 buffalo wings and they put 1 in a box

Niki Christoff-Sturgeon

Going down the drain in a hurry. Mobile orders a mess. Nobody is professional. The toilet is all but attached to the wall. NOT clean. Horrible management. I lived here for years, left for a year and came back and this place is ROUGH.

Katie Fiola Jones

I think they’re short staffed right now. We sat down and it took about 15 min to get water. The bathrooms were really filthy. And the place wasn’t packed at all. The wings were still as good as they always are and we also got fried pickles. Yum

Tito Ramone

We came for the McGregor fight (I love that they had the fight!).The place was packed but you wouldn't know it from the way our server was so very attentive to us!Our food was great the atmosphere was awesome! So many people came for the fight!Great food, great drinks, great service, great fights=Great night!

Cade Thompson

Wings were great and the service was some of the best I've had in a while.

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