Little Caesars Pizza

2026 US-20, Michigan City
(219) 879-3211

Recent Reviews

John Bealor

Had a pepperoni and a sausage, breadsticks. Consistantly great.

Brenda Fredenburg

I never really liked Little Caesars pizza before but I really love their pizzas now, expectly the stuffed crust extra pepperoni and cheese.Love it

James Vowell

They only had pepperoni hot and ready pizza. They should always all types of hot and ready pizzas ready.

Curtis McCormack II

the service was so upbeat and genuine

Ben H

Very much like any other Little Caesars. They do need some work with their order times and accuracy. Be sure you check your food before you leave. I've never had a problem with quality at this store.

Robert Shemberger

Love the pepperoni pizza...$7.00...?3..15 minutes..out the door.?

Kimberly Tschopp

My phone glitched when I went in to get my online order and the girl at the counter was very nice to help me out.

Darcy Bish

Went little later (8:45pm Friday April 16th) than normal so I expected a wait and I had not pre-ordered! ? But I have to say there was a sweet young man at the Michigan city store I asked what was ? Hot and Ready ? well just cheese and a pepperoni ? I really wanted sausage ? He said give me 8 minutes! ? And Yes he had me ready in 8 minutes he went straight to the back and made it himself ❤️ Thank You ❤️ Got home and had ? Hot pizza, bread sticks and some of their Cheese sauce ??? He did Awesome job !! Thank You Again

Willie Thomas

For value, taste and consistency you can't go wrong with the large supreme, it has it all in one.


Their crispy pizza is ready good. From time to time they have promotion for toppings

Jane Hayman

Was glad to hear the pretzel crust was back so stopped in to get a couple. Was not as good as. I remember I did not get the pretzel taste could have been regular crust with salt on it hoping just a bad batch will try again before it goes away again

Kona Works

Best pizza around. Very reasonable prices

Christian Copeland

Still have the classic pizza

Paul Glenn

This spot is worth giving a shot. They have large portions for reasonable rates. Consistently clean and with fantastic atmosphere. Would recommend to others.

Bonnie Lyles

Great! Delicious! Pretzel pizza

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