Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

4037 Franklin St, Michigan City
(219) 210-3540

Recent Reviews

ExtraAFNailz 219

Store was clean, I had to wait on the chicken nuggets but they were everything I was expecting. I always love the gallon of sweet tea! ❤️

Justin Wozniak

Really impressed with this location always a pleasure coming in very nice workers and noticeably great management!

Kenneth Krupa

Great chicken sandwich nice and crispy also the same for the nuggets

Bruce Pritz

Some of the best chicken I have had in quite awhile, and the side items are great too, it is a little pricy though, but it is a very good meal

Linda Walker

We had such a delightful experience at Popeye's. We walked in nice and clean and brite. We was welcomed with a big smile from a beautiful African-American manager. Took care of us the food was delicious! You will definitely see me and my family again thank you for going over and Beyond.

Heather Saddler

The staff is always friendly, we have never had a problem with food. However, on every occasion we have ordered the frozen lemonade, it’s never ready. We’ve tried a handful of times at different times of day, different days, no dice. Kinda feels like going to McDonald’s for ice cream.

Alan Kotso

Employees nice, but the girl at the register had such long fingernails she couldn't take my money or give my change back. I had to pick up my change from the counter top. Not good business practice.

Karl Zarins

Normally reasonable service but on the 4th of July we stopped for 2 chicken sandwiches. Some woman jumped on the drive through speaker and shouted that there will be a 2 hour wait for chicken and did I understand. Quite rude. Just drove off.


I do like this Popeyes there chicken is most of the time fresh BUT if you want a special order for example instead of them giving me whatever kind of chicken for a 4 pc. I get 2 legs and 2 wings be prepared to wait 1 hour 20 minutes!!! Why, I don’t know it doesn’t even take chicken that long to cook! But it’s the only Popeyes in Michigan City.

Private Eye

I go to this particular restaurant because it's 8 mins from my house. Its a good thing its so close because I always have to go back, because my order is NEVER right. I always order 14piece, 7 biscuits, and 2 large sides. I always say "PLEASE MAKE SURE I DON'T HAVE ANY THIGHS!" And every time I get home, I always have thighs, and many times no biscuits. So I have to go back to the restaurant. It's gotten old for me.

Barbara Luke

We ordered simply: two Classic Chicken sandwiches. Our receipt said 2 Classic Chicken sandwiches. We got 2 SPICY Chicken sandwiches. And they were out of Beignets. And it was very slow. And no napkins in the bag.

Helen P.

The sides and extras we're missing from order. What we got was tasty though. Just disappointing rating just chicken and biscuits.

Wendy Pratt

Seriously!!?? I make a mobile order and get charged for items they no longer serve. They offer a replacement chicken sandwich, ok so where's the extra money I paid?? They said we only take the orders we can't do anything about a refund... keep your heart attack inducing grease with your outdated mobile site. No i don't want anything free, I want to not be inconvenienced in the first place... That means skipping the fast food and [email protected]

Dakoda Roberts

Exceptional service good food...needs bigger land area...feels like ur in a box waiting in drive-thru

Jerry Teasley

They were fast friendly efficient and the food was cooked Very good

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