Be Here Now DIY Music Venue & Craft Brew Bar

505 N Dill St, Muncie
(555) 555-5555

Recent Reviews

Nic Stedman

I grew up a few blocks away on North and Light Street and it's always a great time coming back home to Muncie and Be Here Now is the first place I go especially when The Why Store is returning back to BSU. Great staff and great owners the last 11 years.

John Hughes

Great music venue. 18 and up.

James Osterberg

Hey you ever come back ? to the bar and get me a deal with the house is the best thing to do. Them kids are not a huge pasta but I'm not going with her if you don't mind. I'd love you to be in the house ?️ up and have to do a lot more than anything else you need me to

Thomas Barker

Safety off is a damn good band.

Stephanie Leavell

nice place for new and up and coming artists to perform

Gerardo Mendez

More Than A vibe Total RecalI[[ONE?LOVE]]

Austin Pursifull

Best bar in Muncie and has been for 10 years!

Jose Hernandez

Great little bar with excellent bartenders. Good times and good people.

awhk8. Miller

I really dig the atmosphere. ??

Bob Wade

Great music and good drinks. Good spot to hang out.

Khamarry Drake

It's very hard not to like this place. Especially with all the events and friendly staff here. The bar aesthetics here are vibey. Definitely would recommend.

Daniel Lankford

Great beer, now serving cantina style Tacos on Sundays!!! Why not, be there now ???

Morgan Pittsford

Best bar in town. Great bartenders, quick drinks, and an all over good atmosphere! Liv and Ali are amazing!

Jewell Ronnice

The music wasnt bad but i didnt like the drink options

Ally Fleckenstein

Always have had a great time at this bar! The bartenders Carlee and Liv are great!! They always book awesome bands like Arcadia Grey, Hyrider, etc. the people that go here are always chill and they have awesome drink options at great prices and just started back up their mug club!

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Be Here Now DIY Music Venue & Craft Brew Bar

505 N Dill St, Muncie, IN 47303
(555) 555-5555