Brothers Bar and Grill

1601 W University Ave, Muncie
(765) 287-8297

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Joshua Hunt

Our overall service was very fast and friendly. Although when we first walked in the door, it took several minutes to get seated. Also the floor had been mopped with something like maple syrup. The entire floor in the restaurant, from the entry, to the bar, to the bathroom was very sticky. It didn't make it a real pleasant walking experience.To start off with we ordered the firecracker fries. They were absolutely amazing. Salt, pepper, red pepper, parm cheese and olive oil. Made one delicious combination. My entree was the over achiever burger. It was two patties with cheese, topped with bacon, an egg, and lettuce, tomato and mayo. It was very good. Probably should have done just one patty, I'm a big guy and two was too much. The sweet potato tater tots were an amazing compliment to the sandwich.Overall the experience was nice. Would come here again. My only complaints were having to wait quite a few minutes to get seated. There were only 3 other tables that had people. So they weren't busy. If someone would just say hey we will be with you in a minute, that does wonders. The other was the absolutely terrible sticky floor. It just made the place feel dirty all over.

Dutch Assassin

This is the second time I have come to this restaurant/bar. The first time we sat for over 30 minutes and never even got a menu, much less anyone providing the service they are paid to give. So we walked out. I sit here right now for over 30 minutes and have not got my appetizer even. Took 15 minutes to even get our drinks. And there are MAYBE 4 tables of customers in the whole place! We should ha e walked out again this time as well!! I am VERY disappointed. And I WILL NOT return for a third try. They seriously need to get their act together. It’s sad.The food was terrible, small portions (especially for the price), and the service completely SUCKED!! Never again!!

Joshua F

Great service and good food. The burgers are excellent.

Kyle Wood

I would like to say that I had a good experience but they charged $3 for a t-shirt per person but didn't limit sales to the amount of t-shirt's. So, I was basically scammed out of $9 for me and 2 friends because they didn't have enough t-shirts and they don't provide refunds if you don't get a t-shirt because they sold you on a false promise. So if you are actually looking for a good night avoid this sales propaganda.

Brytani Resler

the management here is the best management in a restaurant I have ever seen. Not only are they dedicated 100% but they go above and beyond for the restaurant and individual employees. 10/10 would recommend working here.

Tammy Goodrich

Had our daughters graduation luncheon here. Had to sit outside in the hot sun, they were super busy. The staff was awesome and the food was very good.

Nathan Mercer

Our server was very nice and attentive but the kitchen was terrible. We were blessed with hearing every expletive and complaint coming out of the cooks’ mouths. Took over an hour after we ordered to get nachos, a wrap, and the kid’s mini corn dogs. Food was not good. But again, our server was super nice and so we tipped her well. Also our margaritas were good.

Elliott Shide

Food is just ok, but if you go on the right nights drinks are really cheap.The staff are always super nice.

Shawn Buettner

I was one of the senior guests in the village.Food - Good quality bar food with a good selectionAtmo - I ate outside, great patio! Clean tablesService - I was there off hours, which is tough for servers, but it was good.Bathrooms - broken, taped-up and gross. My wife said the same.

Jake Yardas

The server got five stars the food didn’t. Our server went over our order multiple times and made absolutely sure our order was entered correctly and she made sure my water was never empty. I appreciate that a lot. My dad and I came here because I had never been to a brothers grill before and my parents and brother loved the one in Indianapolis. I appreciate that our big order on a $2 cheeseburger night was accurate but the food was not high quality. Most of the burgers that I ate (I had multiple bun less burgers because of my current diet) had a very thick crunchy crust that I was not happy about.

Padré Toddré

Mixed feelings. The food was good. It took a very long time considering I was the only person seated at the bar. They did voluntarily comp my meal though.

All Plush videos

Outstanding customer service really enjoy being outside. We also didn't have to wait very long each time we went to the bar to get something to drink ??☺

M Tandoh

When this place is up and running this place is popping. If you want college food like a good burger go here and a nice drink to get smashed yes this is the place. People are great. I only place gave 2 stars because at night 2 times I got over charged.

Anthony B.

Stopped in for late night dinner after a 14 hour work day. The hostess station put us in a corner and did not tell us it was bar service only. After a 8-10 minute wait for table service I went back to the 3 employees standing at the hostess stand and they explained the servers were being sent home for the night. Bar service only. The single bartender said it would be 20 minutes until he could wait on us. 3 professional business men looking for dinner and drinks left hungry and thirsty after 30 minutes.

Natalie Combs

It's fine but the atmosphere is very fratty. And the food is pretty expensive for the quantity you get. At least they have an Impossible burger and cauliflower wings. Maple vinaigrette and Nashville hot are the best sauces.

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