1805 W University Ave, Muncie
(765) 284-5417

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Justin Sloan

Definitely a hidden gem on campus. I would consider this a truly authentic Mexican eat. Relaxed environment with friendly staff. Excellent value for your money. I choose this place over many of the larger restaurants in Muncie. Definitely deserves your business and you will return for more!

Frank Steans

We took the family to Chavas to get some authentic El pastor tacos which is some of our favorite meat choices when we eat Mexican food but a lot of places don't carry this option of meat but occasionally when we find it we always get it but normaly you have to get it the way its served, even in Las Vegas when we had it we stood in line for about 1 hour and you get your El pastor tacos with cilantro and then they give you a choice of mild or hot sauce. But at Chavas right here in Muncie Indiana on the campus stripe they really hook you up they make it fresh right and front of you, with all the choice toppings you could ever want, like queso, green onions, shredded cheese, pico digallo, white onions, cilantro, and more. And we originally tried to go to the Mexican restaurant next to Wendy's on Madison Avenue but they were closed so that makes Chavas even better because they are open late.

Taaren Dominguez

It was ok. Cashier was trying to pick up on my daughter in front of us. Food was ok

Brendan Marcum

Best Mexican food in muncie

Mohammed abdul khader

I loved it. I was there Saturday late at night the place was full of energy and people and they had fresh and delicious food even after midnight. The staff was doing awesome job.

Chad Powers

Good stuff. Nice people

Alli A.

I called to place a carry out order and the lady was very rude and asked if I was calling the wrong place. I didn't appreciate the laughter when asking to order a well known mexican dish at a mexican grill on top of having the dish explained to me in a childlike manner. Please try to be more polite to customers instead of demeaning.

Tonya Bargo

Amazing place. Food was amazing, great portion sizes and good prices. The worker's were super nice and helpful, being our first time there. We drove 30 minutes to try it and we're happy we did

Brianna Bussell

Food is good and is made fast. Reminds me of Chipotle, the way they prepare your order. Very affordable and good portions. Highly recommend.

Jim Cangany

Savory food in a fast casual atmosphere. Quick service and friendly staff. Looking forward to a return visit!

Tami Rankin

Everything I have ordered is delicious! The pork is so tender and fresh. I usually get the pork nachos. I love the Horchata. We've never had a bad experience.

Bryant Selig

Yeah definitely don’t recommend. Very subpar and not worth your time or money.

Whitley-Le'Ann Buck

Food is always great. In and out quick. Definitely one of the best places in town. You can never go wrong ordering tacos.

Gabriella L.

Let me start by saying I am a DIE HARD chipotle fan, so it's really hard for me to eat anything similar without thinking it's subpar. I've lived a couple blocks from here for 3 years now and it took me this long to finally become enlightened. This is a college town, college kids get drunk, college kids go to chavas when the bars close. There's just something about a chavas burrito bowl with chips at 4 am that changes you. Don't get me wrong, chipotle is still my favorite, but I've come to accept that they are simply ~different~. Chavas is definitely more authentic and fresh, but believe it or not it's kinda pricey. My chipotle order is always under $8 and chavas is about $12. Anyways, I'm glad I finally let my guard down and let chavas into my heart.

Brianna Johnson

They have some of the best mexican food I have ever gotten the privilege of eating. Period.

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