Fuji Sushi & Hibachi

1705 W McGalliard Rd, Muncie
(765) 288-8833

Recent Reviews

Sarah Beth Pugh

Food is always good! Fried rice is the best in town!!We dine in and get it togo and our experiences have been good with both!

Jamie Allred

Food was good but for the money I thought I would leave full? Waitress and chef were amazing! Just lower the price please and I will be back!

A Fights

My family really enjoys coming to Fuji Sushi and Hibachi. The staff is always very kind and attentive, they often do little things like make easy to use chopsticks for our young daughter. Tonight, as we sat at the sushi bar, the chef gave us a courtesy appetizer. The food is delicious and there's something for everyone. There's a childrens menu with more familiar items that the pickiest of little kids will happily eat. The hibachi tables are lively and the chefs make it a very entertaining experience, great for larger dining parties. The booths make for a quieter meal but I personally find the sushi bar to be the most intimate. The drinks bar may be even better though, haven't tried it yet. Don't like sushi? There's many items on the menu that are not sushi or even fish. The ambiance and decor is great, the staff is wonderful, and the food is tasty. Great for family night, date night, or a bite with friends.

Natasha Rahne

I really enjoyed it. I personally have never been to a Hibachi style restaurant, so it was a nice first time experience. The food was made right in front of you and it tasted amazing!

Victoria Houpt

The food is good but even though they were told it was my birthday they didn't do anything special. Our server was nice enough to give us a candle for my tiramasu. The show wasn't as good as other hibachi places I have been.

Charleigh Kirby

Amazing food & nice place for a date.

Tanner Perdew

Amazing food at a decent price. Extremely talented chefs and friendly waitress. Will definitely be returning.

Michelle Taubert

Food was GREATPresentation half hearted and sloppy. You pay the extra money for showmanship and it's just not there.But...did love the food.

Guy Kenison

Great good and presentation! The swordfish was delicious!

Cheri St Clair

It was OK.. We were kind of expecting more energy.. The cook barely spoke. Food was average with sort of small portions.. The salad dressing was good though..

Tim Ziegler

I chose to come here for Father's Day lunch. It's been over 2 years since we were here last, and we were seated at the hibachi grill with other families as is customary. However, we didn't do a lot of talking with the rest (which I would have liked). I think the pandemic is still keeping people at a distance and that is ok.Our orders were taken. Soon enough our chef arrived with all the supplies for our table and then the show began: Spinning and throwing his fork and spatula, big flames from grill to vent hood, little flaming onion rings, and other tricks which are pretty standard fare for hibachi grills. One thing the chef didn't do was attempt to throw food in our mouth... which was a welcome loss to the performance, in my family's opinion. A bit surprising, our chef was a more low key than expected, but still fun and more importantly, very good at grilling for 9 people at once. Soup, salad with ginger dressing, fried rice, 2 grilled shrimp, and veggies come with all hibachi meals. I think the fried rice is the standout piece of this ensemble but all of it's good. Each of us then got exactly what we ordered grilled to our specifications... I played it safe and went for the chicken and steak combo, others with me had chicken and swordfish.Overall everything was great: the food was cooked to our liking, the sauces were tasty, the performance was fun, and it's always good to see your food prepared only inches away from your plate on a hot grill.The hibachi prices are higher than we normally spend out for a lunch but certainly reasonable for this type of meal and atmosphere, especially on a Father's Day where a generous daughter was footing the bill. If you have never been here, or you missed it during the pandemic, you owe it to yourself to check it out now.

Stacey Spenner

We had the worst experience ever the server was rude! I told her my son was a vegetarian and they still cooked his vegetables next to the swordfish and so he could not eat his entree. I told the server and she did not apologize and had the audacity to ask me what she should do about it??? Really??? We will never be back and will make sure to tell everyone not to waste your money on their overpriced food

Austin Shores

Great atmosphere, great food, friendly staff. Only complaint is the booth seats are a bit soft and/or the booth tables are a bit high. Back felt a bit tense for whatever reason. Does not deduct from the restaurant as a whole, highly recommended!

Robert Barry

Food is amazing but last two times I've been here the cook does not put on any kind show/tricks. They use to be amazing all around but now don't pay the extra money for the show

Stephanie C.

FUJI!!! Best sushi in Delaware County! Excellent atmosphere and the friendliest service in town! I get the Crazy Tuna roll every time...my daughter loves the Ramen. We stick to what we love and don't change things up often but the hibachi grill is amazing also! Thank you for always having consistent food!

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