Greek's Pizzeria

813 E McGalliard Rd, Muncie
(765) 282-7492

Recent Reviews

Sarah Beth Pugh

2nd best pizza in Muncie! (Osteria is #1)We enjoy a variety of the menu items. Always fresh. We've lucked out and always go when it's not busy so it's been more on the quiet side which we enjoy! Prices are good and fair for the quality and they're always consistent!

Slim Joker

Good pizza. Good people. Good service. A pizza dish well put together. And if i say. Its better than Pizza king

Teresa Mccoy

They have great tasting pizza. Presentation was perfect.

Carla Boyer

We were told 10 minute wait when placing order - ended up taking 40 minutes! One of the pizzas, they had apparently had to remake so one was fresh and one had been sitting for who knows how long! Very disappointing/unacceptable! No discount etc. Not sure when/if we will be ordering from there again!

Angela Brown

Staff is friendly. Restaurant is always clean. When I call for carry out they have my previous order saved which is nice because I get a custom sub…and they always make it right! I work closer to the other Greeks in town, but this one on McGalliard is my go-to and favorite

Beth Hale

My grandson and I played Yahtzee while we waited for food. It was fun! I tried the Summer chicken pizza. Lots of goodies! My grandson enjoyed his pepperoni & meatball pizza. We both had leftovers to take home! :) I'll be back! ❤

Kim Janek

Great deal on Tuesday nights! Service was pleasant, food came out quickly and exactly as ordered.

Heather Kern

Their salad is so fresh and delicious! And I’m obsessed with their greek dressing!

David Price

Excellent pizza. Customer service was ? Will go back again

Douglas Mckillip

Pizza was good and the cost was nice. Food was good and and. Took a little over 30 minutes for the pizza to be delivered check it out good food.

martha Garrett

Very good food and nice environment. Pleasent staff.

Starla Hibbard

LOVE the chicken bacon ranch pizza. breadsticks and wings are

Dee Taylor

We decided to try their pasta. Steve had the ultimate pasta and I had the chicken mushroom pasta. The food was delicious. I had big slices of chicken and mushroom on spaghetti with marinara sauce with two small breadsticks. The portion was generous but we both agreed we could have used more breadsticks. The place was clean. Everyone wore a face mask and was spread out for social distancing. The staff was very efficient and friendly. Greeks was doing a fundraiser for Muncie Central Wrestling. That was great I like businesses supporting local youth teams/programs. The price was very fair and I would recommend Greeks for a quick feeling meal, or a leisurely dinner, delicious food. family friendly, clean and safe restaurant to dine at.

Cheryl Schlenker

Great place to eat! Great service and delicious pizza!


Food is very good, that is not in question.Extremely disappointed that even though the mask mandate was lifted, no staff member was wearing masks or practicing social distancing. While that is a choice right now, there were a lot of problems with cleanliness witnessed.Since this location has an open kitchen, everything is visible. While I hope any time an employee left the kitchen they washed their hands, there were several times people went from sweeping to making food without washing hands or putting on gloves. Several times phones were touched and then food; faces and hair were touched and then food. There was also an employee eating a sucker in the kitchen around the food.Also this is minor, but just to add; tables were well cleaned, but chairs were not touched. I have worked in restaurants and while I know some things are not always thought about, there were several health code violations happening, especially considering we are still in a pandemic, and cases are on the rise.Definitely did not feel comfortable here, and will not be back until covid is much less of a problem. I really love Greeks, but was very sad to see this level of blatant disregard for health and safety.

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