MCL Restaurant & Bakery Muncie

3501 N Granville Ave, Muncie
(765) 289-2955

Recent Reviews

Travis Bartley

Good food bad location how much longer will it last in a dying mall that doesn't have anchor stores

Bill Kerr

Very friendly and accommodating staff. We had a group of over 30 and they took very good care of us.

Nancy D Witham

Went to have dinner here and what my husband & I like the most is they don't change their recipes like everyone else, very nice experience!

Sue Bunch

Roast beef was good. Eaujeau was just hot water.

Michael Tincher

Great food and cheerful, helpful staff will keep us coming back.

Candie Hull

Loved it. Everytime I come in I wanted bread pudding with your lemon sauce. You never have it. Friday you did. Loved it got some to go also.

Ziad Jaber

If you know what good food is, I'd suggest you eat elsewhere. Fried chicken isn't prepped right, get a slice of pecan pie and skidoooodle. The food doesn't look appetizing but once you're sandwiched in the line looking at the display of food, you realize it's too late now. There's no turning back. The leftovers look at you in disappointment knowing they're never going to be eaten.

robert reagan

I have always loved this place. Never a bad experience.

Jennifer Muncy

Goodd food! Nice ppl...not much left in the mall tho

Lana White

Food and service was awesome. We will be going back???

Barbara Paul

They were very caring. I loved the beef manhattans. The beets were to die for.

Jill Jones

Great tasting food, clean, nice atmosphere.

Gorman Levon Lawson

Not the best I’ve ever had

Taylor Heldt

My son and I sat down and ate there yesterday evening and he got home and around 12am starting throwing up off and on. The chicken was not cooked the food was cold. I'm pretty sure we got food poisoning from the food from here.

Bogger Me

Family friendly and everyone was helpful thank you

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